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The Art of War :: The Astartes
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Default The Art of War :: The Astartes

[size=16pt]The Art of War :: The Astartes[/size]
This report, penned by Inquisitor Holt himself, has been preserved for prosperity by me, Adept Byranzion of the Adeptus Ministorum as it serves to guide those readers seeking such knowledge in how the Adeptus Astartes make war upon the enemies of the Imperium.

[size=10pt]Phase I - The Call to Arms[/size]
It is only when a Chapter of Astartes receives word that one of His blessed domains is under threat that a Chapter will it be able to act upon such information. Although this may take several forms, either from a plea from a planetary official, a communication direct from the Adeptus Ministorum or by direct or indirect guidance from the powers of the Warp in the form of prophetic visions, the call to arms is heard and is often answered.

It is also this stage that may prove crucial to the survival of the world in question, as it is not always the case the a Chapter will be able to answer each and every call to arms, be it internal politics, or the displacement of current forces throughout the galaxy and prosecuting such a war is practical. It is also important to note that this phase also factors heavily into the second phase, tactical analysis.

[size=10pt]Phase II - Tactical Analysis[/size]
Information gathering is vital to fighting any war, and thusly, the Astartes will draw upon their centuries of experience to determine the best means to fight the war, and they must factor in numerous conditions so that they can fight effectively.

Such factors include the local system, as gravitational irregularities in the target system can help or hinder effective Astartes deployment, or even render an attack mute due to the fact that the Astartes cannot make the transition into the target system due to local conditions, be it a warp storm, the presence of one or more enemy fleets or lack of effective support from friendly assets.

Other factors also play a part during this phase, such as local terrain on the target world(s), local conditions such as current PDF loyalties, current strength and deployment. It is also important to acknowledge the presence of other Imperial assets, such as Imperial Navy vessels, Imperial Guard regiments already present or expected or even agents from the Holy Ordos of the Inquisition.

Such information is then used to formulate a plan of action that the Chapter will follow rigidly until such time as their plan of action turns out to be ineffective or void in the face of an unexpected factor playing heavily on the plans of the Chapter's master. Such expected events include volcanic and tectonic activity, the appearance of an unexpected enemy, and the involvement of agents of the Inquisition or a sudden attack of the daemonic.

Thus, it is this phase which is the most crucial and also the phase which never ceases from the start of the campaign right through until the end of the campaign, be it victorious or a resounding failure.

[size=10pt]Phase III - Suppression and Deployment[/size]
Depending upon the information gleaned from the opening hours of the engagement, the Astartes will then make their opening moves after formulating a plan of action. This could involve special deployment considerations, including the use of teleporting troops, drop pod deployment or the more standard Thunderhawk and mass transport deployment, in addition to orbital bombard considerations.

Some, if not all, of the above options must be considered against the information they currently have. For example, an orbital bombardment is not an option if an agent of the Inquisition is present at a key location which the enemy currently holds, or if the terrain on the target world offers significant risks to teleporting troops such as electromagnetic interference. Thunderhawk deployment may also be deemed void should it be resolved that the enemy has sufficient flak coverage, or a large fleet presence.

[size=10pt]Phase IV - Crime and Punishment[/size]
After the Astartes have made planet fall, it is their duty to persecute the war, utilising the ever changing information they have to react to and anticipate the movements of the enemy, and ensure the enemy is brought to it's knees and then crushed utterly.

It is important to note that internal politics can play a large part on this phase, as the personality of Astartes veteran leading the attack will make decisions based on personal biases and core beliefs. For example, the Space Wolves have a deep rooted mistrust of teleporters and therefore will rarely such technology in their plans, and the Fists of Flame Chief Librarian, Mars Aran, also focuses almost exclusively upon devastating infantry charges supported by gunfire given forth by the Chapters fighting vehicles.

[size=10pt]Phase V - Withdrawal[/size]
It is only after the enemy has been crushed utterly, or when the world that had been attacked is rendered down into such a state as to offer no value to the Imperium as a whole. It will be then that the Chapter's land based assets be removed from the planet, using a variety of means including Thunderhawk transport, reverse teleport technology or local surface to space technology.

It is during this phase that the lesson learned from hard fighting and the fruits of Phase II are then transferred into the Chapter's Librarium, therefore allowing future generations of Astartes to prosper from such campaigns.
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