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GI Fists of Flame
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Default GI Fists of Flame

Simple question here, What is the color scheme for the fists of flame chapter from the GI codex?
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Default Re: GI Fists of Flame

When they were first created, the Fists of Flame wore silver armour, with flame motives painted over their silver armour on their shoulder pads and lower leg greaves, but since the Second War for Tarsiss III, at the degree of Chapter Master Mars Aran, they had their silver armour repainted a brilliant white in honour of the fallen and to signify that they have come through that terrible event purer of spirit and of body. Their fighting vehicles are also painted in the same scheme of colours that the Astartes do, and many of which feature the striking flame motive which adorns ever aspect of the Fists of Flame life.

In addition to their other marked diversions from the Codex: Astartes in that they don't force Companies, they also show marked divergence to how they show unit markings. All Astartes allowed to wear the precious Terminator armour paint their right knee armour yellow, whilst their left knee armour is reserved for their squad type.

(from Tau Online Chapter Overview)
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Default Re: GI Fists of Flame

At the bottom of the 1st post here, you'll find some pics to help you:

Oh and Spyder, nice work getting that info, consider yourself karma'd
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