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Dark Angel Musings...
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Default Dark Angel Musings...

I know the buzz has mostly died, and this is mostly old news, but having just gotten the new Codex today I thought I would share what I thought... partially serious, and partially utterly hilarious.


I loved this Codex. Coming from a born and sworn Viking (or Space Wolf), that comes as high praise. The writing style is a bit verbose and repetitious, but that's how I write myself. I actually found one word I didn't know the meaning of myself - a first for anything written by GW, which makes a nice change.

The fluff was in-depth. I've never read the old DA Codex, but the passages on early Dark Angel history far outmatches what you find in the Index Astares article. Moreover, the 'notable battles' section was unprecedented in a Codex to my knowledge and something I'd like to see again.

The layout was great, save one flaw. I liked the clear division of Wargear, Unit Descriptions, and the Army List entry itself. The one problem was putting the painting/showcase section between the descriptions and the army list - it makes at-a-glance knowing where you are in the Codex easier perhaps, but it's another pile of pages to flip through utterly needlessly when cross-referencing.

I love and hate the army list. The Combat Squad system and the other fluff refinements are awesome. My one burning hatred is for Tactical Squads. Why, why, why by the God-Emperor won't you let me take two special weapons in a full-size Tactical squad?! What part of a Heavy-characteristic weapon is especially "tactical"? Beyond that glaring flaw (which my main opponent doesn't mind me altering, anyhow), the list is certainly quirky and different, but it'll provide endless listbuilding fun.

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Default Re: Dark Angel Musings...

What was the word?

I like the codex, although the cross-referencing is a pain. Then again, I was able to cope (and thrive) with it in the Eldar one, so it will be alright.
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Default Re: Dark Angel Musings...

Yup, I love the Dark Angels codex too. I have alot of the same problems you do...the painting/showcase section should have been moved back, oh well.

I do like alot of the new rules, the combat squads are really helpful in getting your firepower spread across the enemy line.

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