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Space wolves companies.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Space wolves companies.

I was wondering if anyone knows what the colour schemes are for the different space wolves companies and sigils. Here is a list of the great companies and their warlords:

Kjarl Grimblood, fire wolf
Sven Bloodhowl, fire breather.
Bran Redmaw, Blood hunter.
Krom Dragongaze, Sunwolf.
Egil Iron Wolf, Iron wolf.
Bjorn Stormwolf, Thunderwolf.
Harald Deathwolf, Ravening jaw.
Logan Grimnar, Nightrunner.
Ragnar Blackmane, Blackmane.
Engir Krakendoom, Sea wolf.
Gunnar Red Moon, Wolf Of The Red Moon.
Erik Morkai, The symbol Of Morkai.

Any suggested colour schemes would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: Space wolves companies.

I hate to tell you that for the different companies, the only thing that changes for them is the shoulder pad and the transfers.

As far as colour schemes go, I would recommend that you make something up as you go. No army has a defined color.

Now if your looking to be fluffy I would recommend the following colors. Codex grey mixed with chaos black to get a good dark grey with some depth. This can be used as the main color for your army. If you find the right shade of grey you can have a very stunning army.

Next I would recommend would be ice blue. Another good color for a base of an army, it can also be used for bases when making..guess what.. ICE!

The next color I would recommend would be Shadow grey. This can be used on the bases of the models, or again as a main color.

The next would be Spacewolves grey, yet again an VERY good color for space wolves.

After that, you will definitely want to get a few shades of metals, at least 2 of silver and 2 of gold(preferably 3 of both). This is used for touching up trim for shoulder pads, backpacks, and bolters. Basically anything that you want to be metallic. The reason I say 3 is that you can just drybrush and it looks pretty good, or you can drybrush and then highlight, and ot looks amazing. You have 3 shades of each to get a variation of your army rather than to see an assembly line across the board. For the extra stun go for the highlights.

After that would be sunburst yellow, with a highlight of badmoon yellow, for the shoulder pad trims, eagles, and for space wolf insignia that should be yellow. DO NOT USE ON BOLTERS LOOKS BAD!

Then you have the other stuff such as bleached bone for runes and stuff, and all the other colors for little details, like eyes and stuff.

Things to stay away from

Yellow for the base color, metallics for a base color.

any green, you don't want us confused for them damn dark angels do you? :P

White as a base color for space wolves. It follows the scheme for snow, but #1 its a pain to get a clean white, and #2 it doesn't look to good on space wolves, when they could be so much better.

Thats about it. When your painting the army just try to make it as bold and stunning as possible. Just remember that you can ask for advice, but no one can force you to make your army look the way they want, the final decision is up to you. I hope this helped, and I wish good luck to a fellow Space Wolf player. And make sure you have fun with it!
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Default Re: Space wolves companies.

As for official stuff no difference, but I've heard that the second edition book had a ton of stuff about the different things for each great company. Can't say for sure though.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Space wolves companies.

Thankyou, that was very helpful, I was also thinking of maybe like different shoulderpads for the different companies:ie. blue for the sea wolves, fire for the fire breathers etc.
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