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Command Squad Question
Old 21 Jul 2007, 22:45   #1 (permalink)
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Default Command Squad Question

I was wondering your thoughts on a little problem I'm having. I'll be using my own Chapter as an example of this problem.

My army is under the overall leadership of the Chief Librarian, known as Mars Aran, and like any good Chapter Master/Chief Librarian he has a bodyguard (mainly for 1,500+ games). Now then given that the Command Squad is for Mars Aran himself, and it's HIS command squad, are you allowed another Librarian who is attached to the command squad?

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Default Re: Command Squad Question

Are you asking if you are allowed to attach a Librarian to a Command squad led by a Librarian? If so, then yes, you may. Here's the quote:

Librarians and Chaplains may be attached to another character's Command squad. Only one character of a given type may be attached to a single Command squad.
p. 21 Codex: Space Marines, "Space Marine Characters". Emphasis mine.

In your example, Mars Aran is leading the Command squad (read: "All my lead a Command squad...") and not attached as such, and therefore a Librarian may be attached to the squad.

There were topics about this a while back...

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Default Re: Command Squad Question

Abael is correct, a Chaplain and/or a Librarian may be attatched to a command squad purchased by any of the 3 different HQs. The only restriction is that you may not "attatch" two of the same type. But that does not limit the initial character who the command squad is purchased for. So you may indeed have 2 Librarians in a command squad, just not 3.

I do the same thing in my Blood Ravens.

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Default Re: Command Squad Question

Well, I was attempting to kindle more discussion on the topic rather then just the legal issues, and about broader things, like powerful combinations of characters etc. Hence why I left the opening message quite broad .
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Default Re: Command Squad Question

Ok, if you want it put like that...

Why wouldn't he have a lower level psyker attached? It could be a fellow librarian helping him with a psychic phenomenon, or if you make it a lower level psyker it could be his disciple.... Like his padawan for lack of a better way of expressing it. I mean, they have to be taught and molded somehow...

Or it could be his own personal psychic bodyguard, that along with the attached chaplain lend council to their master. One in the purity of the mind, the other in the purity of the soul...

Now I leave it to anyone to come up with fluff reasons why he shouldn't have a librarian attached to his command squad.
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Default Re: Command Squad Question

Indeed, I've been thinking of why it would happen in the fluff (and have gone with the "Librarian-in-training and learning from the master Librarian of the Chapter" explanation myself )

But I was wondering, what sort of wargear outfit do people run with?

I'm currently got (for 2k and 2.5k games only):

1st HQ choice
* Mars Aran - Epistolary, veil of time and might of heroes
* 5 Marines, 1 Standard bearer, 1 Comp. Champ and 1 Vet. Sergeant (srg has power fist)
* 1 Librarian - low level with might of heroes

2nd HQ choice
* 1 Chaplain - cheap one

Basically, I can cast veil of time with Mars Aran, and then the other Libby cast might of heroes on whoever would be most beneficial. For example, if I'm in combat with say Assault Terminators, then the I'd use it on Mars Aran to use his high I and his force weapon, but if I need to kill a tank, I'd use it on the vet sergeant with power fist.

As far as the Chaplain goes, I make Krypion (the Chaplain) join the squad on turn 1, and from then one, they all benefit from the Chaplain being there (re-roll failed to hit rolls on the charge etc). Plus if there are ever something I need the Chaplain somewhere else, possibly to lead a charge with another unit, I can then detach him and then move off.

Alternatively, I can swop the low level Libby with the Chaplain and do the same with the Librarian, maybe even swopping out his power pre-battle for something more effective.
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