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Idea for a new army. Give your thughts.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Idea for a new army. Give your thughts.

I wanted to do a SoB army, but can't afford all the metal models. So what I thought about doing is to use SM (a DIY chapter) with allied SoB. Tis way I can still use SoB, but not have to have so many. My fluff is that the =I= has aquired some gene seed, I haven't decided from which primarch yet, and built there on chapter. I know they have the Gray Knights, but their thinking is that they are so impressed with the Death Watch marines that they want to start their on chapter.

So give me your thoughts. Which traits shouod I use, if any. I've heard they get rid of the traints in the SM redux. Sould I use DA models? What colors. Throw me out some ideas.
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Default Re: Idea for a new army. Give your thughts.

I don't believe you can ally space marines and sister of battle. I know that Space Marines can't take allies but in the Witch Hunters Codex even with an HQ and 2 troops of Sisters I don't think Marine allies are allowed.
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Default Re: Idea for a new army. Give your thughts.

Marines can take allies as per Codex: Witch Hunters, which allows you to take a certain amount of the FOC in allies after the compulsory choices have been filled.

Remember that the Ordos operate more or less autonomously... And it's very unlikely that anybody would let Hereticus get a standing army of men, much less Space Marines (the reason why they have Sisters is that after the Age of Apostasy, the Ecclessiarchy was forbidden to have standing men in arms... Men). Just say that your chapter has close ties to the Hereticus and be done with it. Much less muck to get caught up in.

Good traits... Anything that sounds sufficiently holy/kill 'em all with a righteous fury should be good. But don't take "We Stand Alone"!

"In the nightmare future of the far future there is only war." - Apocalypse
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