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What heavy weapons should I use?
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Default What heavy weapons should I use?

Alright, so for awhile I've been using one flamer, one melta, and two missles in my two tactical squds.

I was looking over some army lists and plasma guns seem to be pretty nice.

What do you guys think? What are some good combos of heavy weapons in 5-10 tactical squads?

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Default Re: What heavy weapons should I use?

Well, lascannon and plasma gun in a tac squad of 5-6 men usually won&#39;t go wrong for you. I have yet to try out the 8-man devastator squad that uses 4 missile launchers, but I&#39;ve heard good stuff about it.

Personally, seeing as how I play Black Templars, I use meltas in my squads unless they are meant for long-range shooting, in which case I use plasma guns, usually paired with a missile launcher or lascannon. Flamers I usually reserve for my assault squad and dreadnought, but that&#39;s just me.
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Default Re: What heavy weapons should I use?


Seeing as I play black templars...lol. But. I don&#39;t field them in my squads.(as you know...)

But. I think you should choose one to contain firing and one more assault/anti-assault.

If you have the flamer in one squad. have something that compliments that. instead of a missile.

So you can charge in as well. or keep it a bolter.

Then for your second. Have a the missile and perhaps...well something else longer range. hehe like a plasma. If that&#39;s even possible
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Default Re: What heavy weapons should I use?

Plasma guns paired with a missle are starting to appeal to me, I&#39;m probably going to buy a tactical squad and use them for extra marines/heavy weapons.

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Default Re: What heavy weapons should I use?

Okay, let&#39;s break it down.

Aweful weapon. I despise the Flamer; while it&#39;s literal firepower is a godsend to the Guard, the Flamer does nothing a Bolter cannot in direct-damage terms and suffers from very short range; it&#39;s useless where a Bolter can chatter away at long range, and up close enemies with good squad coherency make it little more useful than a rapid-firing Bolter.

Lethal against tanks, but very short ranged. Only consider if you Infiltrate, Rhino-mechanize, or use Drop Pods.

The king of special weapons. Plasmaguns can chew up light vehicles, heavy infantry, and Monstrous Creatures with no questions asked - the overheat is small price to pay for such versatility, considering the durability of Power Armour. It also has long range, something utterly lacking in the other choices.

Heavy Bolter:
A vicious anti-infantry weapon, the Heavy Bolter is unfortunately not that good for much else; perhaps better suited for Devastator squads, you can however use a cheap &#39;HB&#39; to make a cheap, efficient firebase.

Missile Launcher:
Versatile and pretty good at everything. Missile Launchers can be used to flatten tightly-packed infantry squads, beat down heavy infantry, and destroy medium-heavy vehicles. The only drawback is that very heavy armour and the toughest infantry will laugh at it.

Ahh, what an odd one you are. Personally, I can only countenance using this thing in Infiltrating units; the Multi-Melta just doesn&#39;t have the range to make it useful otherwise, and unlike the lighter Meltagun you can&#39;t fire on the move after bailing out of a Drop Pod.

Pretty much the definitive anti-tank weapon in 40k; Lascannons are also great for taking on Monstrous Creatures and heavy infantry, often paired with a Plasmagun.

Plasma Cannon:
While a single hit can mean a world of hurt for heavy infantry, Plasma Cannons really aren&#39;t up to scratch for much else; they&#39;re needlessly expensive for whatever effect they might have on Monstrous Creatures, and a simple Missile Launcher does much better against vehicles, for much cheaper.
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Default Re: What heavy weapons should I use?

Thanks, that was alot of help...I think I need to buy another tactical box and a DA veterans box, thank god I&#39;ve still got some Dev weapons left over from the battleforce.

So I&#39;m gunna go with the plasma guns supported by some heavy dev weapon (lascannon probably).

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