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When Marines are on campaign...
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Default When Marines are on campaign...

When Marines are on campaign, what do they use for shelter? Do they use shelters? I know they only need like 4 hours of sleep - and they technically don't even need that much. But do they use shelters? I'm just wondering if they would have a "base camp" like the Roman Legions would.
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Default Re: When Marines are on campaign...

Are we talking about a siege? Or a mobile Campaign? Or is it more like a purge?

Also, Take a look at the Dawn of war Game. It has Marine structures.

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Default Re: When Marines are on campaign...

I recall reading about a Space Marine chapter that would Deep Strike Drop Pod-like bunkers from their Battle Barge for use in the event of a counter offensive.

However, the most important thing to keep in mind with the Astartes is that Space Marines don't campaign, they finish them. The Astartes operate almost exclusively by destroying enemy command, arriving just in time to halt a massive assault or launching lightning offensives against the enemy. Camps and bases of operation are more of an IG thing seeing as war of attrition and meat grinder missions are their kind of game.

Hope that helped.
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Default Re: When Marines are on campaign...

Generally marines aren't in an area long enough to need shelter. They might set up a command post to help coordinate attacks and such but really in their armor and with their physical ability they really don't need shelter.
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Default Re: When Marines are on campaign...

^^^^ bingo

marines aren't the hammer and anvil like the imperial guard, thay are more like a surgical knife, they act quick and derisively, with extreme precision.
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Default Re: When Marines are on campaign...

I would imagine if the Imperial Fists are in siege mode they would just take power naps one or two hours long against the side of a building while the other 3rd or so of the squad kept watch while the siege equipment does its work. However Space marines don't need sleep on average of about two days (someone check me on that) and some cases have known to go for longer. Then again I cant imagine marines needing to siege something for more than a few days.
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Default Re: When Marines are on campaign...

Technically in the fluff the Codex prescribes up to 4 hours of "rest" every day. However this is not because the Space Marines need it, it is for their psychological/mental state. Because their brain working for extended periods without rest has rather... detrimental effects on their psyche from time to time. However a Space Marine can go for a long time without true sleep or rest, weeks if necessary in some cases because their alterations allow them to rest one part of their brain at a time and thus keep the rest all active.

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Default Re: When Marines are on campaign...

There are several examples:
In the Brothers of the Snake book the marines are given a large feasting hall with adjoining rooms to eat and sleep in, however the people who give them the place don't understand them so the marines sleep on the floor or wherever. Its the same on another world, a marine's squad is given several rooms in a palace and it is so decadent, they are disgusted.

So I would think they would occupy any room they were given and just sleep on the floor. If its on a world with an established Fortress-Monestary each marine has a 'cell' that he sleep in, has basic living necessities and almost nothing else. If you have it on the game Fire Warrior on the Imperial Starship level you can see some 'cells' and that is how I imagine them.
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Default Re: When Marines are on campaign...

I think it would really depend on the situation to be honest.

If it's marines and just marines they probably don't use shelter, instead relying on thier armour to protect them. With marines only they would largely be on the move doing lightning strikes and gorilla warefare. The less they have to haul around the better and no permanent base mean there is no chance of the enemy setting up a ambush if they figure out where the marines are based.

In a seige or protracted war like Armageddon was, they probably share facilities with the likes of the Imperial Guard. Probably they take over a few areas for thier own use. Since they tend towards much more astire quarters when in the field i imagine it wouldn't take as much as expected, specially as the most you probably see is a battle company or two(100-200 marines). In this case they act more as elite units for the standing army though with thier own discretion.

On thier homeworld/monistary you would expect it dug in like the fortress most are. These probably being the most extensive quarters any marines would use.
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