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Black Templars Questions
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Default Black Templars Questions

I collect Black templars and i was wondering can they have Devastators in there army?

can anyone help
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Default Re: Black Templars Questions

No, Black Templars can't have devastator squads due to the fact they prefer close combat over long range .
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Default Re: Black Templars Questions

Sorry to sound like an D'yi... but did you read the codex?

And no, we cannot. Neither can we have whirlwinds. Or scouts.... or librarians...

And, semi on the topic, the Templar Codex is not a Space Marine suppliment, like the Space Wolves or Blood Angels, it is a Stand Alone Codex.
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Default Re: Black Templars Questions

They dont like to sit back and shoot, quite the opposite of the Tau.

Legatus has covered what the Templars cant have, however they do take scouts that are apart of an Initiate (normal SM) squad. They are called Neophytes.

Get lots of close combat extras, ie close combat weapons gaining +1 attack. then sit back and watch the 30+ attacks maul your opponents. Also invest in rhinos and an LRC, the speed will help you engage your opponent more easier. Plus with the frag launchers on the front of the LRC you can assault people in cover first (i think my memory serves me correct there :-\)

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Default Re: Black Templars Questions

You, know I got messed up a while back because of that. I thought they could have them but they couldn't so I sold my scratch built devastator squad :-[.

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Default Re: Black Templars Questions

Before the new BT codex came out i bought a Whirlwind, then realizing that Templars don't sit back and shoot the whirlwind became another rhino, with a few extra conversions
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