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Kroot Warrior
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Default Choices...help?

Ok well, I have finished building my Tau army so now I am slow starting to build a SM army. Either a chapter or I am going to make my own.

I have never played them before so I am not to sure what I want to do. All I know really is that they can be very diverse in many ways. (a.k.a Human in most RPGs)

I ordered a Predator Tank and two Tact squads so far.

I think what I want to do is a little bit of everything. I want the tanks, the range and the close combat covered. Me being Tau first off, I kind of want to stay away from shooting to much. I want close combat action! but not to much at the same time.

I am so torn on what to do! Help?
Just throw ideas at me on what direction I should take this army.

Thank you,
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Default Re: Choices...help?

A Predator and the Tac squads are a good idea. I'd suggest a few things for your consideration:

Assault Squads
-One or two of these with a sergeant with a power fist are great for getting into combat, slipping forward under cover fire hiding behind cover before they get close enough to rush out and charge into the enemy, they work best with a Chaplain attatched or with traits giving them furious charge. If you use traits to get Furious Charge than the sergeant is better off with a pair of lightning claws (you can represent this with a pair of power weapons if you wish)

-If you don't like shooting that much I'd suggest going with a squad of Devs over a lot of other units, give them multiple missile launchers and heavy bolters to cover your ranged needs and focus the rest of your army on mobility and combat.

-If you like close combat a squad of Veterans would do well, I'd suggest if you like tanks to get a Land Raider Crusader and attatch a Master to the squad and have the Vets and the Master ride in the Crusader, almost as effective as assault Terminators but cheaper and more numerous.

Land Raiders
-Your better off with a Land Raider Crusader, it's weaponry is geared more towards mobile firepower and assault, with a lot of high rate of fire guns and support for assault oriented units and the space to take more marines than the standard pattern Land Raider.

Land Speeders
-These light vehicles are fast and heavily armed, upgrading to a Tornado variant does not cost much points wise and offers the fearsome power of the Assault Cannon, taking a squadron of a couple of these allows you to slip them around a flank and hit the enemy from the side or rear, either shredding infantry or toasting tanks and covering the advance of the rest of your force.


Librarians can be combat monsters, with Veil of Time and a Familiar they are extremely potent killing machines, however they don't necessarily support your army as much as other HQs do.

Chaplains are a good, decently cheap character to attach to close combat units to boost their abilities and make them fearless which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Commanders are a great HQ to take, having a Master boosts the leadership of your entire army to 10 over the 9 they would normally get even when upgraded to have Veteran Sergeants which can get very costly. With a decent kit the Commander can be a decent asset in Close Combat and boost the cc punch of an assault oriented squad.

All in all I'd suggest you get a single unit of the following and then work off from there:

Land Speeder Tornado
Devastator Squad
Assault Squad

From there I'd suggest a Veteran Squad or Terminator Squad and a Land Raider Crusader and/or a second Predator (kitted as the opposite of the one you currently have, so a Destructor if you have an Annihilator or visa versa if you already have a Destructor).

Basically fill one of each FOC slots with a simple and solid choice and then move on from there. I'd also suggest you pick up a rhino or two and kit one Tactical squad for offencive operations (Vet Serg with Power Fist and a Melta Gun and frags works well for me) and stick them in a rhino. The Other squad make a Las/Plas (with the lascannons from the Dev box if you wish) and use it for defencive operations along with the Devastators to provide a core firebase to provide covering fire). The Commander boosts your armies leadership and the Chaplain attatched to the Assault squad can provide cc power.

But anyway that's just my suggestions which given how little sleep I've gotten and how late it is might not be wonderful.

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Choices...help?

That was everything plus more then I was asking for in that post of yours!

Thank you.
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