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Who is this guy???!?
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Default Who is this guy???!?

Would anyone know anything about a "Captain Tycho"? He seems to be a Space Marine Special Character, but I have never heard of him and cannot find him in third or fourth edition codexes. He has a bolter-meltagun, and seems to be a cyborg by looking at his head. I believe him to be a 1st or 2nd edition character - hang on, I just noticed that it says "(c)GW1995" on the back of the base slot thing. what I want to know is who he is, what his stuff is (stats, equipment, etc.) and whether it is possible to use him anymore in any form, although I generally play in a circle of friends. Otherwise, I will probably use him as just a plain captain or vet sargent. Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Who is this guy???!?

I believe stats for him can be found in Codex: Blood Angels. He fought during the Second War for Armageddon where he was seriously wounded and disfigured by an Ork Weirdboyz psychic attack. He saw action in the Third War for Armageddon War, too, but was killed durring the war.

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Default Re: Who is this guy???!?

Captain Tycho is a fairly psychotic Blood Angel captain, you will not find his rules in the 3rd or 4th Edition Codex: Space Marines, the Blood Angels have their own supplementary codex, however they are also currently getting an update, the first part of which was just released in the latest edition of White Dwarf.

He carries a combi-melta and has digital weapons on his gauntlet but no power weapon which is odd. Personally I'm not a fan of his rules, while his background is cool I don't think he makes an effective special character in most cases.

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Default Re: Who is this guy???!?

His rules were just released in the first half the new blood angels codex. The June white dwarf.

It doesn't have a lot of background on him, but what they do have seem to imply that he's come back to life, since there's no mention of him succumbing to the black rage and dying on Armageddon.

Rules wise he's pretty lame. He's a space marine commander with combi melta, iron halo, bolt pistol, frag and krak grenades. That's all.
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Default Re: Who is this guy???!?

Tycho is a very old character. A character wearing his armour, and bearing his Heraldry, appeared way back in 1st / early 2nd Edition.

Tycho has fought during the 2nd and 3rd Armageddon Wars. The 3rd war resulted in his death.
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Default Re: Who is this guy???!?

If you want to know more about Tycho, there's a Wikipedia article for him. Here's a link:

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Default Re: Who is this guy???!?

Captain Tycho, I think, is also a Brother-Captain of the 9th company of the Sons of Horus, who participated in the storming of the Traitor Imperial Govenor's crashed ship,. on one of the moons of Davion.
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