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Question on consolidating.
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Default Question on consolidating.

I realize this could/should go under rules, but it pertains specifically to assault marines.

Let's say I best someone in combat, but don't slaughter them. They blow their morale and fall back 2d6", and I consolidate 3" in any direction. Sounds fine.

Now, if I'm using assault marines, do I still only consolidate 3" or is it more, since I'm pretty jumpy-quick.

I had the smaller-sized rules book, the one that came with Macarrage, so if anyone could even point out a specific page...for when it's finally returned to me...

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Question on consolidating.

Nope, nobody moves any faster or slower due to their movement type in consolidation than anyone else, unless there is some special rule somewhere that I don't know about. In any case Assault Marines cant. As remember the move doesn't represent the Assault Marines jetting around, it's them regrouping after the close combat, which is done on foot, just like charging and fighting.

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Default Re: Question on consolidating.

nope you can only move the normal distance ;D
if you really think about it then if they were to move more then every unit would have a different consolidation distance and it would get confusing ???
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Cheesy? It sounds like a Sisters of Battle porno video!
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