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Power Fist Conundrum
Old 01 Jun 2007, 19:02   #1 (permalink)
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Default Power Fist Conundrum

So, it has become pretty clear to me that the advice given to me on my original Ravenwing list was spot-on. The sergeants in the bike squads really need power fists. I played against Tyranids yesterday, and for the third time in three games, the lack of a Power Fist probably lost the game for me. In this case, it was a failure to kill a Lictor in the first round that stranded a unit in the path of several swarms of Genestealers. In the games before that, it was the failure to kill Scarabs and an inability to kill scouts in the game before that. The Power Weapons just aren't cutting it.

So, this leaves me with a tricky problem. Power Fists look silly on bikers. You can't control a motorcycle with a big lobster-claw strapped to your hand. And I really don't want to build any more bikers to swap out. One of the guys at the shop had the interesting section of adding the Power Fist to the bike. So he could reach down and grab it once assault started. I have already done some work in hollowing out two power fists and adding chains to secure them.

So the question is really about WYSIWYG. The Power Fists will be pretty easy to see, but both Sergeants already have swords. Now, WYSIWYG really doesn't work as much in reverse. That is, you can, within reason, add bits to a model that have nothing to do with its wargear as long as all the wargear it does have is present. I am already doing this with my Standard Bearer, as he has no use in a Fearless Multiwing army. But it could still cause some confusion, so I have to worry about it.

So. Is this the sort of thing you would have a problem with, provided I told you about it in advance?
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Default Re: Power Fist Conundrum

I would have no problem with things like that, as I already do it with my Chaplain! He is holding a Plasma pistol, and he has a holstered bolt pistol, and I prefer having a bolt pistol so... Thats the way it works for me!
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Default Re: Power Fist Conundrum

Uh, no not at all! Especially if you did a good job of it. You reasoning is sound, so there really isn't a logical reason to raise anything about it.

You can also use this to you advantage "Are you SURE you don't want to shoot those bikers? Remember they have [glow=red,2,300]POWERFISTS[/glow]!" :P
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Default Re: Power Fist Conundrum

Well if I remember it right the Dark Angel power weapons that came with the new plastics are a bit bigger and broader than some other power weapons that are usually seen. So I bet you could get away with it most of the time if not all the time.

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Default Re: Power Fist Conundrum

well usually you count as having a close combat weapon so you could say that is what the swords are.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Power Fist Conundrum

This may not help you much, but inspired by rough riders, I converted my ravenwing bikers to carry lances. For regular bikes, it is an extended chainsword, for special weapons, it is the particular weapon mounted on a short pole with chainsword bayonet. For the seargent, I used the power mace arm with the mace head removed and a power sword blade replacing it. While I have not done it yet, I plan to do a powerfist for my next squad. At the moment, I am thinking a lance like the others, but sturdier, with the fist on the end, or perhaps something sufficiently bulky. For bikers not carring their lances, I just put them across their backs, so not an issue if you want two hands to drive.

Just my two cents
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Old 02 Jun 2007, 16:13   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Power Fist Conundrum

It doesn't work for me now, as the bikes and riders themselves are already fully assembled and painted. But that is a good idea. I will remember it if I decide to add a 3rd Attack Squadron later.

Thanks for the input. I'll post pictures when they are done, assuming I can get my camera to take that sort of picture.
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Default Re: Power Fist Conundrum

What about Thunder Hammers? I know they don't have them as an option, but that just works in your favour. Unless people you play with are real WYSIWYG fanatics, they should be OK with it, just be sure to let them know what's going on beforehand. After all, if they can't actually take a thunder hammer what else could it be?
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