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Imperial Guard
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Default Imperial Guard

Can some space marines chapters use Imperial Guards?
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Default Re: imperial guard

To put it bluntly, no. You can, however, take Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.
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Default Re: Imperial Guard

In terms of rules, no. Except for the manner that Icer mentioned.

In terms of background, it is not uncommon for Imperial Guard to fall under the temporary command of Space Marines, but only in a theatre-specific sense and not for very long. The organizations that they belong to are divided at the very base of the Imperium, meaning that their chains of command are entirely separate. There are a few Space Marine chapters who are responsible for worlds that also muster Imperial Guard regiments (the Ultramarines are the best example), but I have never heard much about them, and the Ultramarines do not appear to bring these regiments to war with them.
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Default Re: Imperial Guard

However the Ultramarines might well have a solid PDF force and there is mention of non-marine troops at the polar fortresses defending Macragge during the Tyrannic Wars, standing alongside the First Company at the Battle for Macragge. Though I would bet that the PDF run by the Ultramarines would put many Imperial Guard regiments to shame.

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Default Re: Imperial Guard

Without a house rule, no.
What are you saying, Vash, is an interesting factor that I don't remembered.
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