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The Blood Angels' road to Golgotha
View Poll Results: Who will step up to lead the battlegroup?
Captain Justicar Canaris 4 50.00%
Chaplain Olidar of the Oblivion 4 50.00%
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Default The Blood Angels' road to Golgotha


*In Preparation for the Golgothan Insurgency Campaign I'm writing fluff for my new Blood Angels Army to set up whats happening before they reach Golgotha. (This will set up, along with the actual games I play, the final fluff piece for the Company once they reach Golgotha). Whats Different here is you all are going to help decide what happens! Every Saturday, starting today, I'll write a new piece continued based on the decisions the community makes. Voting will end Friday so I have time to write the article. Keep in mind that each choice will have a great impact on the future so choose wisely. Now, help guide the Blood Angels to Golgotha!*

Brother Aegis walked down the cold corridor, boots echoing through the hall after each step. All officers to room 101 said the eloquent female voice of the vox network. "A new campaign, no doubt.", whispered Aegis to himself "An excellent chance to wet the maws of my squad." His squad scored the highest of the four tactical squads on board the Inferno consistently for the last 2 weeks since they left Baal. A solid squad leader of 26, Aegis was ready to put himself and his squad into the grips of death and then tell death to go f**k himself.
* * *
Aegis took a seat close the door he just used to enter into in the semi-circular stadiumesque room. "Welcome Brother Aegis", spoke the Lord of Death himself, Chief Librarian Mephiston "Now that everyone is here it seems there is trouble on the planet of Golgotha..." Indeed everyone was there. His fellow sergeants, including his childhood friend Loki, Captain Justicar Canaris, and Chaplain Olidar of the Oblivion. Those present wore serious expressions, his attention returned to Mephiston. "... and that is the objective. Unfortunately I wont be able to personally lead the attack. I have... personal matters that I must attend to once we make planetfall. So, I'm putting up to you Justicar, Oldiar. Which of you will step up to command the task force?"
Aegis's eyes widened a little at the last remark. Not often was a decision of this magnitude given up to choice between the two commanders being chosen between. The Captain was a strong man. He was very strategy minded and well liked by those he lead, personable you might call him. On the battlefield he was an unmistakable presence whose simply being there meant you would live. Olidar was an old, veteran. He had lead many a campaign in previous centuries. He was a solitary man set in the old ways, but on the field of battle he lead by example, watching him lead the charge into the coming horde had inspired many a marine into combat fervor. "I would follow both into death" muttered Aegis, mostly to himself, but who would step up to take command?

*Feel free to discuss and ask questions*
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