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Not quite as narrow a defeat as last week.
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Default Not quite as narrow a defeat as last week.

Well, got thrashed again on my second outing with the Ravenwing. Some of it was appalling inopportune rolling, and some of it was overeagerness to get into combat.

I was playing against Necrons with the same army as last time. We were doing a Recon mission, which really should have been easier for me than it was. He was playing a pretty standard phalanx. Three big blocks of Warriors, two blocks of Destroyers, a big mob of Scarabs and the Lord. Oh, and a Monolith. Which is a lot more problematic without a few Railguns.

I zipped up one side of the table with most of the army, getting into his deployment zone on the first turn. But he managed to get a charge off on the larger of my attack squadrons with the scarabs. Without a Power Fist in the unit, it took me about three turns to chew through them. The Monolith itself dropped right in the middle, taking out a few bikes here and there with the close-range defenses.

The second turn was where it went all screwy. The Deathwing showed up way before I was ready for them. I stuck them on the other side of where the Attack Squadron was fighting the scarabs. Sammael was coming up from the "south" from my perspective, and by dropping the terminators on the northern edge I was trying to cut off the Lord's escape. Nothing in his army aside from the lord was going to hold up to much close-combat, and he had both the Master and the Terminators in charge range of every unit but the Monolith. But then Sammael botched all three of his required saves against one unit of Warriors, as did the Terminators, rolling 4 1's out of 6 saves. And one had already fallen to the Destroyers, so that was the unit. Splat.

So after wiping out the Scarabs, the larger Attack Squadron charged the closest Warrior unit. The Lord snuck over and pulled them out of close-combat, deep-striking back in my (basically empty) deployment zone. The Land Speeder that was still around there took their shooting at close range and crashed. I managed to survive a torrent of fire from the other two Warrior units, and then double-charged both of them with the Chaplain and the big Ravenwing unit. One of the Attack Bikes also miraculously killed the Monolith at this point.

The rest of the game involved the slow destruction of both Necron Warrior units at the hands of the chaplain and his unit, but the bikes were gradually brought down. The Chaplain himself survived, as did one of the Land Speeders, which actually managed to score some Recon points. His Lord jumped back over to the action, but failed to do much of anything. I already had half-points from him because of a wound Sammael did with the Plasma Cannon. Because the Lord pulled away a third of the Warriors, I really didn't have a shot at Phase-out. Again, the Terminators would really have helped. They actually managed to shoot down one of the two Destroyer units on the turn they arrived, but most of it managed to get up again. He rolled pretty well for WBB for the whole game, although I must admit that I also rolled very well for armor saves most of the time.

So. If Sammael and the Terminators had not died so quickly, I should have been able to assassinate the Lord, preventing him from shifting any Necron units into my deployment zone. Sammael himself should have been able to run over and cut through the Destroyers. I made a huge mistake in getting close to the Scarabs. I will not underestimate them again when playing such a small army as the Ravenwing. On the whole, I am fairly happy with their performance. But I still need to take a little more time to make use of the army's firepower before I get stuck in in combat. Even dancing around out on the fringes is not much of a waste when you can move 24" in a turn if need be.
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Default Re: Not quite as narrow a defeat as last week.

Good hear about your experiences. Sounds like it was a close game.

Can we see the list you were using?
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Falstead, you're a genius!
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Gah! Not a silly Canadian. Can't Falstead ever be wrong?!?!? ;D
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My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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