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Narrow Defeat
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Default Narrow Defeat

Well, my first game with the Ravenwing ended in a narrow defeat. I was playing against another Marine army at Take and Hold. He had a Librarian with Terminator Retinue, two tactical squads, a unit of scouts, a Techmarine, and a Chaplain leading a full Assault Squad.

I played somewhat badly with both Attack Squadrons. One basically lost half its strength to Dangerous Terrain tests fighting one of the Tactical Squads, and the other managed to spend the entire game failing to wipe out a unit of scouts. Neither Attack bike did much. The Chaplain on a bike failed to kill the Techmarine and was splattered by his Servo-arm.

On a brighter note, the Land Speeders performed brilliantly, as did the Deathwing. And Sammael is the most fun character I have ever used in any game of 40k. By far. He zips around the board like a Fast Attack unit, shoots like a Heavy Support choice, and can duck in to save the day in pretty much any assault. There is no question in my mind that the Jetbike is the way to go with him.

By the end, he had only one scoring unit left (his Terminator Retinue, which arrived on turn 5), while I had the Deathwing and a Land Speeder. Sammael toasted one Terminator and skewered another, but he lost his last wound to the third, leaving the unit just above half-strength. And my opponent's unit was much closer to the objective. He played very well throughout. I got screwed once by the fact that Ravenwing are all Fearless, but I chalk the loss down to an overeagerness on my part to engage in close combat rather than make use of the Special Weapons I had paid for. I am not really used to an army that can take much abuse.
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Default Re: Narrow Defeat

Sounds fun, like all games should be. Land Speeders are a pain to fight, I bet your opponent hates you for all that Fast Attack.
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Default Re: Narrow Defeat

Well one usually learns more in defeat than one does in Victory, you have a very well painted army and seem to have handled it decently which is not bad for the first game with a new force. With those lessons learned I bet you will do even better in your next match. Nice job Khanaris and good luck.

I have to get Sammael, he is such a cool character.

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Default Re: Narrow Defeat

Well, I learned after the fact that I don't have to take Dangerous Terrain tests for consolidation and Pile In moves. Neither of us were that familiar with those rules, but I should have a better time of it next game.

You really should use Sammael. I think he is the best of all the Dark Angels special characters by far. He can move 12", fire the Plasma Cannon, and then still get a charge on Terminators without having to worry about being insta-killed. And he still gets Rites of Battle.
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Default Re: Narrow Defeat

Khanaris I'm eagerly watching your progress since I too am making a Ravenwing force! I'm glad you're learning and I can't wait to throw some of my own experiences out there.
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