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Chapter choices
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Default Chapter choices

I can't pick which Chapter I want to be. My choices are the Ultramarines 4th Company or a new chapter called Snakehunters??? Which one should I use?
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Default Re: Chapter choices

I'd say make your own, the chances are there are many Ultramarine armies and steering away from that will make your army a bit more unique. What do the Snakehunters look like?
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Default Re: Chapter choices

Not to mention that Ultramarines are generally considerd "Noobish".
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Default Re: Chapter choices

Snakehunters would be nice to see

Originally Posted by jais
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Default Re: Chapter choices

Making your own chapter is a very rewarding and fun process. You have lots of scope for creativity and coolness.

That being said don't discount the Ultramarines so fast. They're one of the most hard core chapters out there. They are the paragon of what it means to be a Space Marine, with nearly 3/5ths of all chapters being descended from them. They have access to some very cool special characters and units as well as full run of the standard codex.

They have a rich background and a strong and recognizable colour scheme. There's still lots of scope for conversion with them, especially with their Spartan influenced background.
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Default Re: Chapter choices

Snakehunters? You mean the Iron Snakes?


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Default Re: Chapter choices


i say make your own army up or use these snakehunters
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Default Re: Chapter choices

Originally Posted by Shas_O Andrew
I can't pick which Chapter I want to be. My choices are the Ultramarines 4th Company or a new chapter called Snakehunters??? Which one should I use?
I my self have opted to create some 500/1000 space marines out of nothing. (thus the creation of my own chapter)
This has been as trobblesome as one would expact when the traits you have chosen and want are getting in the way off creating an effective list.

If you wish to craate your own chapter then I suggest leaving traits out for the beggining.

Originally Posted by Luy22
The origional poster may have stated Snake hunters to be the name of any chapter he may be thinking of crating of course.

Originally Posted by GeekyGator
Not to mention that Ultramarines are generally considerd "Noobish".
Not neseserelly so! Given that the ultra marines have many more characters and ultra marines only units, that would inspire experianced gamers to use them as well.

I understad from an erlier post that some gamers get tired of seeing the marines of ultra on the table, or more to the point are annoyed at the amout of players useing them. This however cant be helped as threw to the that if they attract a player then that player will use them. I on the other hand quite like them (There marines why wont I) but needless to say I like my chapter more.

This is yet another reason why creating your own chapter is such an attractive feature, (It means no one else but you will ever use them)

All in all creating your own chapter is by far the prefferable option by manny Give it a try you wont regret it..


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Default Re: Chapter choices

Look at the other chapter's. I made my own chapter but there wasn't enough fluff to support them, now they're all Templars and I have great fun with them. They're a tough and well respected army at my club even although they don't always win, they always make an impression and are invaluble in Take and Hold missions. They are fun to play (an army you can just charge forward, guns blazing screaming "For the Emperor!" or "Death to the Xenoes"). I am not saying that Templars are for you (though they could be), I'm just saying take a good look at the other chapters; Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Raven Guard, Blood Ravens and Salamanders are all fairly distinctive army that are specialized, powerful and interesting. If you want CC go for the first three and if you want firepower go for the last two (although any army can be either) and then choose whether you want a well known and respected chapter or a smaller, more Individual chapter. Hope this helps.
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