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Questions about (Black Templar) Terminators
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Default Questions about (Black Templar) Terminators

Hello. Just a few questions about Terminators.

1. Do they get a 5+ invulnerable save? The Armoury says "Terminator Armor" gives that, but there is "Artificer Armor" which gives a 2+ save but no invulnerable. The unit profile doesn't say anything about an invulnurable save.

2. Do they have access to the armoury? Or even Frag/Krak/Meltabombs? It seems silly to have a 200 point termie assault squad that you can't give 5 points of frag grenades to...

3. Can a 5 man squad take a L.R instead of a L.R.C? The "Transport" thing says they have to take a L.R.C, but I want an L.R... do I have to take it as heavy support?

3b. If I do have to take it as heavy support, can they be mounted when the game begins?
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Default Re: Questions about (Black Templar) Terminators

1. Yes, they get a 5+ invul.
2. No, only Terminator Command Sergeants have access to the armoury, and characters wearing Termie Armour. Even then, frags cannont be bought by Termies. However, assaulting out of a LRC means you gain frags for the charge.
3. No, they cannont. The Land Raider is only available as a Heavy Support choice for BT lists.
3b. I don&#39;t honestly remember.

Hope that helps!
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Default Re: Questions about (Black Templar) Terminators

Yes they can be put in a land raider bought as heavy support because you deploy the land raider in the heavy support set then you can put the guys in the land raider as you deploy your elites.
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Default Re: Questions about (Black Templar) Terminators

2. As an additional note here - those Terminators who can take upgrades from the Armoury may only take the upgrades marked with a little "T" beside them.
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