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Dragon Hawks
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Default Dragon Hawks

Geneseed: Vulkan
Chapter name - Dragon Hawks
Homeworld - Varrius
Paint Scheme:
Black and Green - Tactical
Green and Black - Elites
Chapter Master - Shan Arbalan
Chief Librarian - Capere Calamus
Chief Chaplain - Darius Drake
Chief Techmarine - Deus Machina
Tactical Squad 1 - Primus Incendium
Tactical Squad 2 - Primus Ignatius

Traits: Stern
Cleanse and purify
Suffer not the alien to live
Eye to Eye

- What geneseed are they?
Vulkan - Salamanders

- What founding were they?
9th Founding

- What is their chapter symbol/colour scheme?
Black/Green - Adeptus Mechanius Cog with Half Sallie Symbol

- What is their Homeworld like, and what is the culture of the Homeworld?
Varrius is a Deathworld with mountains and volcanoes that continuously erupt causing lava flows to run down the valleys and rivers causing the water to disappear. The tribes of the people of Varrius live between the lava flows and have traded with the Adeptus Mechanius for years. This trading with the Adeptus has taught the people to create great armour and weapons. As such the chapter has a large amount of terminator armour and thunder hammers. Also the people of Varrius have been raided by the Eldar race never endingly until the chapter was founded by the Inquisition aid the people of Varrius. The chapter fortress is based on the tallest mountain on Varrius. Causing the marines to be able to breath at higher altitudes than normal. As such is the height of the mountain the chapter has a limited amount of bikes and when they are fielded in battle only masters and chaplains are allowed to ride them along with a select few. The planet has nearly unlimited stores of the minerals needed by the Adeptus Mechanius as such the recruits of the chapter are all ready hardened from the working the mines with the servitors. the planet exports most of these minerals to the Adeptus
The moon orbiting Varrius is a small forgeworld in its own right. It is run by the chapter to produce armour and weapons for them. The recruits for the chapter spend five years here learning from the veterans that have earned the right to teach the novices, the sacred art of the melding sheet metal into great things of beauty and protection. The novice, then crafts their own combat knife, which they carry through out their life in the chapter. Some of these knifes are then formed into power weapons as the novices rise to the ranks of Sergeant and Vet. Sergeant. The Adeptus Mechanius have formed an alliance with the Dragon Hawks supplying the chapter with the STC templates of Rhino and other Sacred Vehicles as this is a larger than normal amount of recruits are sent to Mars to train to become Techmarines. The planet also seems to produce a larger than normal amount of psykers which are then inducted into the Chapter but are not sent to the moon forgeworld but to the Chapter's Librarium to be trained into using their powers more successfully.

- What is their Combat Doctrine like?
The Dragon Hawks prefer fighting in close range using flamer, plasma and melta weapons to scorch their foes into piles of slag.

- What is their Organisation like?
The Chapters Organisation is slightly different to codex as the companies are set up different.
The 1st company consists of the Chapter Master, Chief Librarian and Chief Chaplain and nearly all the Librarians and all the Elites and Vehicles of the Chapter along with all the Techmarines needed to keep them going. These are distributed to the companies that need them during battles. There are seven companies consisting of a Captain, Chaplain and Librarian as the HQ and four squads of Tactical Marines and two squads of Novices. Along with three Assault Squads, two Devastator Squads and the Vehicles, Dreadnoughts and Terminators that are distributed as wanted by the Chapter Master. And there is one company of the novices that are on the moon of Varirus consisting of 8 – 10 squads of them along with a Chaplain, Librarian, Captain, three Techmarines and 40 Veterans of the chapter.

- What is their Belief System?
There belief is that one day their first Chapter Master will return along with their Primarch Vulkan to lead them on a Great Crusade to the Black Library to liberate its knowledge to the Tech Priests of the Adeptus Mechanius. And then carry on to eradicate Eldar for the Great Emperor.

Shan Arbalan is a veteran from many campaigns such as the third war of Armageddon and the battle for Medusa I. He started as a novice who quickly showed signs of a good leader and was assigned as leader of a squad of his fellow novices. He progressed into a squad of full Space Marines after the battle for Medusa I. He rose through the ranks suddenly when his squads sergeant died from a wound to the neck while protecting a tribe of the people of Varrius during a Eldar raid on the village for the rare minerals of their Homeworld. He took command of the shocked squad and lead them for revenge murdering hundreds of the vile Eldar. After this he was raised to the actual squad leader, and survived a hundred more battles during which he received a suit of sacred terminator armour forged on the small Forgeworld moon orbiting Varrius, before being risen in rank again to a force commander. After thousands of battles leading his company, the Chaplains and Librarians of the Chapter decided, he would be the successor to the former Chapter Master who had died in the last battle. His armour was reforged into a great work of art utilizing the materials mined from the planet below. This was given to him along with a mighty thunder hammer called Stormhawk on the day he officially became Chapter Master of the Dragon Hawks. With Stormhawk he shattered a Howling Banshee Lord skull. He carries the Howling Banshee’s blade as a trophy of his most prized kill of his life so far.

Chaplain Darius Drake is the spiritual leader of the Dragon Hawks. His squad contains the marines that do not wish t0 be reassigned to new squads but have the will to follow their leader and sacrifice themselves to protect him for the sake of the chapter. He originally had a jump pack but after he lost half his squad, he went on a rampage pronouncing he was fulfilling the Emperors Will. His jump pack was ripped in two by a Autarch. The Autarch fell immediately after this had happened, its blade split in two causing the shattered pieces of the blade to pummel into the Autarch and Darius. The shrapnel shred the Chaplains second heart. But the Emperors Justice was carried out and the Autarch was slain. The chaplain was glorified afterwards for causing the Eldar to flee after seeing their great leader slain before the eyes. The Autarch's wings were torn off by Darius for a replacement for his jump pack along with the inspiration it gave to his men by reminding them of that glory filled day that he killed the Autarch of the Storm Wind. Techmarine Deus attached these wings to Darius's armour after studying the power mechanisms and grenade launcher that is built into the wings. Such is that Chaplain Darius must always have a jump pack and one type of grenades at least. He can also carry Melta bombs in his wings grenade launcher. Darius called the wings of the Autarch, Hawk's Death.

Capere Calamus is a Librarian that can control his psychic powers in the most different yet skilful ways. His power comes from the strength of the land around him so his powers are most fire related as this is from the environment he grew up in. His powers include such things as conjuring up fireballs or his unique power of summoning a Fire Dragon used to terrorize the hearts and souls of the enemy. But after he uses this power of summoning a Dragon, he cannot use his powers for a short time so he uses it only at the most desperate times because then he has to rely on his combat skills to keep him alive. Even though his skills are great in the closet of fights he would prefer to be throwing balls of flame and ash at his enemies causing them to melt into smoking piles of ash and slag. His preferred weapon is a axe he received after slaughtering an Exarch of a mighty Fire Dragon squad that had been reeking havoc behind the guarded lines of the camp. The Fire Dragons had destroyed dozens of the Sacred Vehicles of the Chapter until Capere sensed them approaching a Land Raider obviously hoping to destroy the vehicle. The squad had not expected to be assaulted with just what they were using to blow up the vehicles. Fireballs rained from above and missed but then a huge red shape appeared above the shadow lurking on the Land Raider. The shape swooped down upon the squad brutally burning them until the wind swept away their ashes. All that was left of the squad was there weapons and helmets. Capere had walked slowly forward towards the dying Exarch who said "Take my Blade of Fire, you have earned bringer of Flame and Destruction." Capere picked up the Exarch's Axe and bowed to the Exarch. But as he did he realized the Exarch was gone. A great gust of wind had blown the Exarch into the sky and the ashes slowly wafted towards the great volcano above the camp. Capere stood for a moment in silence then walked towards his Rhino.

As the Dragon Hawks Homeworld is constantly under attack from raiding Eldar forces, they reserve their hatred particularly for the Eldar. When they spot or hear of Eldar near their Homeworld's system they send out a strike force immediately to eradicate the Eldar before they strike Varrius. The Inquisition has named the Dragon Hawks as Eldar Hunters but the Inquisition do not trust them fully as the marines of the chapter tend to pick up Eldar war gear as trophies. Even taking that into account the Inquisition has still assigned a Deathwatch Killteam, which is made up of only Dragon Hawks. As the Chapter does not wish to have other Chapter's marines coming in because they might feed the Inquisition information about there doings. The Inquisition does not mind this as the Dragon Hawks are specialized in fighting Eldar, which is invaluable to them in other systems. The leader of this Deathwatch Killteam is normally the Highest Ranked Librarian in the Chapter. The members of the squad will have been trained in other Killteams consisting of marines from other Chapters. These members will have become experienced in fighting with the special ammunition available only to the Deathwatch. The Chief Librarian is always a Deathwatch Veteran, as he has to go through this training to become the Librarium's most foremost member. The Deathwatch team is painted in traditional Deathwatch colours of black and silver but one of the pads is always painted in the livery of the Dragon Hawks. The Killteam is always equipped to fight Eldar as a small infiltrating squad that acts behind enemy lines.
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Default Re: Dragon Hawks

Sounds pretty cool man. Good fluff.
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