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How to use Terminators
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Default How to use Terminators

I'm bored so I thought I'd just ask this. How do you like to use Terminators? Now I'm sure we're all aware of the basic methods of transporting termies. I was just wondering what you like to use them for, any particular tactics you think are good with them. I personally don't use them that often just because of how Space Wolves can take them and their expense. So any areas you believe termies excel at? Where do they get the most for their points?
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Default Re: How to use Terminators

I use them for two things. Deepstrike, fire, and assault. Especially if they're the GK termies. ^.^
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Default Re: How to use Terminators

Standard Terminators (Storm Bolter & Power Fist)
I always begin my games with these guys in reserve. Teleport them into a place where they have good LOS. Their range is exceptional, so remember that they don't have to jump into the thick of things to be a thorn. Likewise, the power fists typically dissuade most assaulters.

Once they arrive & shoot their initial volley. I begin walking them to trouble spots to support my other units. I try to keep them out of close combat because their armor save & ranged attacks make them great for fire support. Likewise, power weapons are much more abundant than AP2 ranged weapons. So it's a good way to keep these expensive guys around a little longer.

Assault Cannon is the typical upgrade. However, I like the Heavy Flamer for urban warfare.

Assault Terminators (Storm Shield/Thunder Hammer or Lightning Claws
Typically, I begin the game with these guys on the table. Their lack of ranged weapons is frustrating. But lately, I've been using them in direct cooperation with tactical squads. They are ferocious in close combat and can easily take out an entire squad of troops in one turn (especially if they assault). Watch out for power weapons and rending weapons as they can take out a few terminators in a turn.

Thunder Hammers are great against Monstrous Creatures & Independent Characters (things with multiple wounds). They are also great against vehicles (though hitting skimmers can be a problem).

Storm Shields should always be in your first rank in case of those pesky power weapons. They're very helpful in keeping your Terminators alive a little longer.

Lightning Claws are phenomenal for boosting the # of attacks the unit has and getting more hits. They're not quite a good as power fists or thunder hammers against big targets. However, they are a quantity over quality weapon. Likewise, on an assault, it's not unlikely to get three hits per lighting claw. Best of all, you get to strike on your normal initiative. This is great during the second round of combat against Monstrous Creatures. A single Thunder Hammer hit could mean that you're striking before that Hive Tyrant and can take it down with your lightning claws.
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Default Re: How to use Terminators


Grey Knight Terminators

I walk these guys around, they form the center of any assault or defence, pumping out shots on the move before rushing in with their strength 6, I 4 power weapons and tearing things apart. Their cost also means that I won't have as many as even normal Terminators so care is a must. Throwing them in cover to increase their save from ranged shots that would normally easily peg them is a good idea and also carefull use of line of sight helps a lot.

Dark Angels Deathwing Terminators

I use a mix of range and cc in these guys and they form the center of my defense. They shoot up enemies that are coming for me then counter attack and finish them off.

Lysanderwing Terminator Force

In my Lysanderwing all 24 Terminators deep strike as one. From there they move as a group, shooting down enemies before moving in to finish them off with flamers and power fists. My characters are spread throughout the line to help plug any gaps in the line and throw back enemies that do reach me.

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Default Re: How to use Terminators

Just for fun I made up the plasma termie unit of DOOM! One Space Wolf hq, and four wolf guard termies all with combi plasma guns. Dumb but so fun to use.
Brute force ALWAYS works, its just a question of having enough of it!

War is great! Well, except for that dying part ...
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Default Re: How to use Terminators

I tend to use them as a command squad for a Chaplain or Librarian. The armour is a good upgrade for any character and witha unit likewise armoured they become increadably effective. i don't think there is a more effective tactic against somone using static Guard or Tau than dropping a termie command squad right at the front lines and using Fear the Darkness before opening up with assault cannons and storm bolters.

The other way is usually as a support unit for my basic troops. While Marines are good, a terminator squad can add that extra fire or assault power against a stubborn unit that might normally give them trouble alone. Also forcing people to take targeting priority tests to target the Terminators behind a squad of normal marines can tie up a number of units on it's own.
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