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Librarian Combo's
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Default Librarian Combo's

I will go along with Vash on his interpretation of the advisers rule for now because it opens up some really fun things you can do. The main one coming to mind at the moment being what I'll call the death bomb. Buy an Epistolary, command squad with furious charge, and a second epistolary. Now the command squad itself is not particularly important but we'll just say CCW and bolt pistols, put all of them in a drop pod. Give at least one of the Librarians Veil of time and the other fear of darkness. I'd also recommend Fury of the Ancients on one. Now basically you drop in blast the people around you with the powers. Then next turn (hopefully) you haven't been charged. Use veil of time and cast it on the other librarian. This way you now have a force weapon that can basically kill anything in the game on the charge and if you've given him a familiar he strikes before everything but a broodlord. Anyone else have any ideas?
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Default Re: Librarian Combo's

Give both Librarians Fear of Darkness (as I see nothing that says it can't be done multiple times by multiple librarians) and hen give one Veil of Time and one Might of Heroes. Each Librarian can already get 6 attacks at I 6 but now you give one of the Librarians 7-9 attacks that re-roll everything because of Veil of Time and the other Librarian still gets his own 6 attacks at Initiative 6 and they have a Command Squad with them too, that can have a burried power fist sergeant, an apothecary to help keep them alive and a champion to deal even more damage. Its expencive but its very nasty and I've actually seen it used before... I've used it before when using a borrowed Drop Pod heavy DIY army. Its rather amusing and fun to use too.

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Default Re: Librarian Combo's

I faced a drop pod list last night, 2 librarians with fear of the darkness. Good stuff, got 2 of my warrior units.

How about Tigurius for one of the 2, then you can get EVERYONE fearing the darkness.
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