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fighting tau
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Kroot Shaper
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Default fighting tau

i am using a predator with lascannons and 15 marines against a hammerhead and 24 fire warriors how should i play
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Default Re: fighting tau

They have better guns and better range, keep your pred in cover and wait a few turns to pop the hammerhead, so your opponent forgets about it. Move you marines forward, while sticking to cover.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: fighting tau

what size games(ptswise) and how much terrain? keep advancing behind your pred(keep it cheap) and get as much hassling firepower as possible.


get more guys n outshoot him. its not hard

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Default Re: fighting tau

Originally Posted by dawnblade
i am using a predator with lascannons and 15 marines against a hammerhead and 24 fire warriors how should i play
Your basic troops are definately much better than his in assault. Also, your basic gun (while great in general) doesn't deny him his armour save, so I doubt that you'll be able to outshoot him. Not only do you not have he numbers. but that hammerhead will be brutal. I wouldn't advance your predator ahead of the troops. I'd give it 1 turn of...living before that hammerhead kills it. So in conclusion, I would charge.
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Default Re: fighting tau

Charge with the marines and try to make them seem like the biggest threat. Then have the pred in cover and as soon as you can get a decent shot at the hammerhead, BLAST IT! not much can survive 3 las-cannons.
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Default Re: fighting tau

Honestly, if i was the tau player, i'd be feeling pretty confident. You can win by getting lucky, or you can win by getting turn 1. other than that, i think you will be shot to ribbons by the tau. A good player will keep the hammerhead moblie and hunt down the predator with it. He will also keep the hammerhead in front to force priority checks. the firewarriors have range on your marines, so they will deploy in a static line, ideally in 4 groups of 6 to dilute your firepower, and they will pour shots into you. Once you get under 18" they will step forward to bring you into rapid fire range and deny you the first double tap. Very few marines will survive that volley.

if this is a straight up "kill 'em all" mission, i'd keep the marines out or it entirely. deploy behind cover and stay there. this negates the firewarriors, so half his army is wasted. i'd deploy the pred in cover, then pop out as soon as i could to stun the hammer head. as long as the hammerhead isn't shooting, you're safe. the firewarriors will have a hard time touching the tank. Kill or disable the hammerhead and you have control. the hammerhead has one shot that hit's on 3s and hurts on 3s. you have 3 shots that hit on 3s, hurt on 4s, and one is twin tinked. you should be able to bag it. remeber that he will be trained to keep his skimmers moving, so he will be conditioned to be the hunter. when he sees you in cover on turn one he will think he has the upper hand. Let him come to you, then pop out to get the first shot at him. After that, keep pouring the pressure on and you've got it.
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