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Ideas for Armies
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Default Ideas for Armies

Okay then I've been running a drop podding Space Wolf list that has been succesful but I'd like to try some different army ideas. Now first off I'm staying space wolf, thats not changing. However I've looked over the army and come up with some basic ideas for new lists.

Blood Claw Horde
Basically a foot slogging horde army. Probably 3 troop choices of maxed out Blood Claws. Backed up with some grey hunters. Or I'd like to try have some Vindicators to use as shields and to blow stuff up. Main weakness I can see is lack of range so it could be tough against extremely shooty lists or really fast lists.

A couple of grey hunters in rhinos. Yes I know they're rolling coffins but I think they'd work pretty well. Supported with either bikes or vindicators. This army just runs the risk of getting blasted but I think I can make it work.

Thin Grey Line
2 or 3 grey hunter packs with support form drop podding dreadnoughts, space wolf scouts, and probably land speeders. This army splits my forces considerably.

Biker Horde
Similar to the blood claw horde but on bikes. I'm not really considering this but it might be fun. 3 full biker packs with HQ's on bikes. 2 Grey Hunter packs in razorbacks to get some lascannons. Would be fun but expensive models.
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Default Re: Ideas for Armies

I'd suggest the Blood Claw Horde, nothing says Space Wolves like a massive number of crazed Blood Claws racing across the field. Opponents can be surprised by the sheer number of Marines you can put on the field, especially when you keep upgrades limited. Bury a few Powerfists and/or Frost Weapons here and there but not a whole lot else and just pack in the bodies. Just try and shoot them all down. Its not the most tactful plan ever but it can work, I've done it before.

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Default Re: Ideas for Armies

I played around with my friends SW and I was most fond of the blood claw hoard as well, I don't have my SW Dex on me, so I'll try to give you my version of the BC hoard

Their version of a Chaplin
Wolf guard battle leader(ragnar)
Ven. dread.
45 blood claws
10 grey hunters
2 vindicators

This is for a 2000 point army, and if you can maybe throw in some long fangs, the could never hurt
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Ideas for Armies

Bikes are fun, fast and the extra thoughness helps against low strenght enemies in combat. It makes them last longer. If you go in this direction, I would have a Wolf Priest and Rune Priest as a HQ on a bike. Healing Balms are good. Then Storm Caller can be good on bikes as well.

The horde of slogging Blood Claws is just scary to see. If there's 3 Power Fists, then a HQ with a Frost Blade, and then also four wolves that go with the HQ (Battle Leader or Lord) comes to a total of 20 models marching along the field.

That's a large number of wounds, and thanks to the mixed armor rule, those wolves get a marine save. That's if I'm understanding the rule right. And if you're worried about getting shot up, that's why the wolves are there. Extra wounds for the points of a Power Fist in a GH pack.

I'm not too sure about the total, but something like 3 full packs of Blood Claws, 3 Battle Leaders, 1 Grey Hunters in Razorback. Add some Predator Annihilators. People either shoot at the tanks, or the slogging mass of fury.
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Default Re: Ideas for Armies

Supporting your Transport with Bikers is a really cool idea, it is an idea that I myself am thinking of.

Equipping the Unit in the transport with assault weaponry would mean that even if the unit only made it half way to there intended location before the tank is destroyed they would still be close enough to be a very effective unit.

Plus tooling up the biker with an assortment of anti troop Armour weaponry would mean they can shoot off in the direction of the larger thret to your Armour and take in out with a safe degree of danger before moving on to the next threat.
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Default Re: Ideas for Armies

Well since its fairly straight forward how to make a blood claw horde, I'd like to ask how you guys think I should set up a mechanized list.
Brute force ALWAYS works, its just a question of having enough of it!

War is great! Well, except for that dying part ...
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