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Fallen Fluff
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Default Fallen Fluff

Okay.... now im shit at writing army fluff but this should do for a start to my fallen army

[size=12pt]The Fallen Ones[/size]
'We Shall Never Repent!'

For thousands of years, the Fallen of the Dark Angels have been hunted to near extinction. Not even a thousand are known to exist anymore. But now, the worst fears of the Dark Angls are coming true - Cypher is drawing more and more fallen to him. Fallen of great power, Champions of the ages. These marines are hard bitten, fearless and determined, with a belief that they are the Loyalists, and the current Dark Angels are posers, fakes and traitors.

So now witha squad ofage old Fighting veterans at his side and a small force of Fallen to follow his lead Cypher has the power to take down the picicle of the Dark Angels or at least put a dent in their power. And possible acheive what no one else can... getting into the Tower of Angels and either freeing, thus allowing all the Fallen to be forgiven, or killing Lion'El Johnson, ripping apart the fundamentals of the Dark angels. So Cypher must depend on himself, his veterans and just over 50 other Fallen marines to destroy the once trusted bretheren and reclaim their place amoung the Imperiums finest.


Bolter shots ripped up the building around Cypher, still strafing and by some twist of fate not getting hit. His own weapons blasted into the 3rd Company bikers, hitting one fuel tank and capping another marine in the head. Cyphers chosen veterans ran after him, balsting away at more of the 3rd. A fragmentation grenade exploded and ripped apart the surrounding area, as the six figures took cover. Five Dark Angel marines came running over the rubble, bolters blazing at the Fallen ones. Suddenly Cypher just seemed to materialise next to them and slammed three off their feet as the other two were vaporised by the Veterans weapons. More shots from the hunters came after the five red robed, black armored figures and Cypher had just dissappeared.
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Default Re: Fallen Fluff

Seems pretty good for a start man, although.....if your going to the rock, maybe i should get azzie and his own personal command squad to take you on, with my 3rd company of coarse. One small problem, the bokers arn't from the 3rd, but sencond company, no other bikers but the ravenwing exsist in the DA (not even scout ones )
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