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Tactical Squad help
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Tactical Squad help

Hi guys, I'm just getting into warhammer, so bear with me here.
I purchased a tactical squad, and have given 7 of them bolters, one with a plasma gun, and one with a melta gun. Now that i have read the codex, it says i can only have one marine with a plasma gun, melta gun, or flamer, and another marine with either a heavy bolter, missle launcher, lascannon, or plasma cannon.

My question is, i only recieved the flamer, melta gun, and plasma gun. So, do i need to buy the heavy bolter, or multi melta, or lascannon separately?

Does the melta gun model represent either multi melta or melta gun? What model represents the lascannon?

As you can see i am confused, any help would be appreciated.


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Default Re: Tactical Squad help

The Melta only represents the standard Melta-gun.

You'll have to get models for the other weapons seperately. Your best bet, in my opinion, is to buy a Devestator squad... The sprue comes with more heavy weapons thatn you can probably use so you can work in the extras, or just move them throughout your tac squads instead of actually fielding Devestators. (That's what I'm doing.)

Or, if you want just the weapon bitz, I'd suggest you go here and look: http://www.bwbits.com/c=obmXdpZjn5Xn...vastator_bits/

I personally would suggest snagging the Dev box because you have a lot of extra stuff to work with but if you're short on funds then go with the bits.

Hope it helps.
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Default Re: Tactical Squad help

Hey, well if you want to special weapons(melta gun,flamer,plasma gun) then there is a trait you can take to allow that (Cleanse and Purify).

But I'm guessing you are wanting heavy weapons, In the tactical squad box(18) it has a separate sprue with special weapons on it and it has a missile launcher on it as well that gives you a very versatile weapon.

If you want more specialised heavy weaponry you can either buy a separate blister (Marine with lascannon, multi melta, plasma cannon or a heavy bolter). The other option as already suggested above is to buy the new devastator box(20), it gives you a great firepower unit and leaves enough heavy weapons for the rest army.

Hope this helps
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Default Re: Tactical Squad help

There should already be a missile launcher in the tactical box that maybe you missed? Unless you really hate missile launchers, if your just starting go ahead and use that instead of buying a whole devastator box for one heavy weapon, unless you're gonna assemble the whole army at once then go ahead and buy it all.
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Default Re: Tactical Squad help

Yea, your best bet is to go for a Devastator Squad. That way you have some more bodies to experiment with. And it doesn't hurt in the long run to have bits laying around just waiting to be used or converted. Or, if you don't want to spend too much money, I suggest asking a friend if you can. Me and my friend have this accord that we can basically use eachothers bits, very useful, it will save you a lot of money. gl
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tactical Squad help

Of course if you are doing a DIY chapter you may be able to take the Cleanse and Purify trait and use 2 special weapons. That said, at some point you will want heavy weapons and everyone is correct, the dev squad box is by far the best way to get them in decent quantities.
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