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"Angels Repentant" Blood Angels Kill-Team (and fluff)
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Default "Angels Repentant" Blood Angels Kill-Team (and fluff)

Well, stemming from my interest in a command quad kill-team, I decided to forge one out of a blood angels honour guard...mainly because it'd mean actually using some of those minis for something, and it also gave better gear for an assault-oriented kill-team.

Well, here's the composition:
5 Veteran Blood Angels
1 upgraded to Sanguinary Priest (apothecary). Gains access to armoury. Narth/Reductor, Power Sword, Storm Bolter
2 given PW and Plas Pistol (regular squad weapon options, no wargear)
2 have BP and CCW.

I'll call one of the PW/PP guys the sergeant, the other can be the unofficial champion (We don't get champions). They're a little short on men but pack a ton of punch, and the narthectum should really help out on the fragility issue.

And now, the fluff (based in part on my blood angels force, the Sons of Malleus).

On the planet Markab VII, the Blood Angels battle company "The Sons of Malleus" were engaged with a bitter contest with local orcs over control of the strtegically important world. The company was in the command of the relatively young, but promising Brother-Captain Valarius, with the legendary Father Malleus leading their Death Company.

Eager to show his mettle to the revered chaplain (and perhaps falling prey to the chapter's notorious blood lust) Valarius issued his attack orders to the army and then launched his honour guard into the thick of it, thirsty for combat.

But as they roared over the battlefield with their jump packs, they failed to notice the orc gun emplacement hidden inside a bombed out agri-compound. The gin battery sprayed wildly at the first target to come into range, Captain Valarian.

Seeing his friend and commander gunned down caused Brother-Sergeant Proteus to immediately succumb to the Black Rage. With a blood-chilling roar, he signalled his men to descend on the gun battery and attack, but Galen, the Honour Guard;s Sanguinary Priest saw Valarius move after he hit the ground. He tried desperately to reign in the raging sergeant so that they could circle back to the commander, but it was too late. Proteus and the others were dead set for vengance, and heard nothing over the roar of their own blood.

Galen was torn between helping his commander or his brothers, but he tore himself away from them and rushed back to the spot where the captain had fallen. Alas, it was too late and his wounds too grievus. All Galen could do was administer the Emperor's Peace and recover the gene seed from the body.

When he finally caught up with his brothers, most of them were dead or dying. Howling with grief and rage, he used the saccred storm bolter that belonged to the captain and helped his surviving brothers cut down the retreating, cowardly orcs, before tending to the dead and dying. Among the dead was Sergeant Prodeus, his hands locked in a death-grip sround the throat of a huge orc nob.

When the Markab Campaign was over, the surviving members of the honour guard were disgraced when it was learned that they had abandoned their charge while he still drew breath. Father Malleus was gravely disappointed, but not unsympathetic. The black rage is a constant struggle, and even the best of them succumb to it now and then. But abandoning their commander when he could have been saved...that would require repentance. Father Malleus gave them the chance to redeem themselves through what would no doubt become a long series of bloody trials by fire.

Of the surviving Honour Guard, only Galen avoided punishment and disgrace. Instead, he was given custory of the commander's storm bolter and offered ascention into the ranks of the Sanguinary High Priests, in recognition for his courage and resolve he displayed in resisting the rage and rushing to the aid of his commander.

Galen, however, decloned the promotion. seeing it as duty instead to shepard his brothers through the ordeals to come. He felt responsible for their situation by being unable to turn them back when he had the chance. And so he follows them into hell. Though Brother Fascis, the former standard bearer, was assigned the command, they all heed the wisdom of Galen, seeing him as their guardian angel on the road to absolution.
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Default Re: "Angels Repentant" Blood Angels Kill-Team (and fluff)

Nothing? Too long, too stupid, what??
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