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The return of the Delta guard (Now the shadow guard) [warning" lengthier post]
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Default The return of the Delta guard (Now the shadow guard) [warning" lengthier post]

Starting to get back into 40k once again> While I want to start a new army, first, i wanted to finish my Space Marines that I kind of left off unsfinished. No army list yet (still deciding my tactics; Im trying to start from scratch as far as tactics go...lots of scouring over many texts (*a.k.a. the internet and threads). But so far I came up with a fluff piece that just genericly describes my chapter, sort of what it's about. However, it is NOT complete; I still need to put in their tactics and WHY their tactics are that way. However, there is some about how they dont use assault as much. Enjoy, and comments would be much appreciated.

"The Shadow Guard

Originally known as the Delta Guard, the Shadow Guard has recently renamed itself and has repainted their armor a black and deep purple. However, veterans and such still wear the chapterís original colors of blue and silver.
The Delta Guard was stationed on the Eastern Fringe on the planet of Threshold, a planet with several terrain/climate types. In the extreme north and south there are frozen arctic, whereas in-between contained a mix of forests and grasslands. Many of the grasslands and forests are covered in ruins from long-lost civilizations, some whose names will be forgotten forever. There are many ruined Imperial Cities; the planet was once controlled by the Imperium before a Tau attack force had attacked the planet and took it over. The Delta Guardís first mission was to liberate this world; however, the human populace had turned from the Emperorís light and they too were exterminated. Thus their ruined cities still mar the landscape. The chapterís fortress monasteries are located all over the planet; the planet is under the complete control of the Shadow Guard, and rarely is any non-Adeptus Astartes personnel tolerated.
The chapter is heavily committed to obtaining ancient relics of the Imperium, and many of their campaigns involve some long-lost relic of the Adeptus Astartes, whether their or otherwise. They are close to the Blood Ravens in scholarly pursuit. However, they do not have the Librarian numbers of the Blood Ravens. The Shadow Guard has many artifacts, and many times has another chapter attacked claiming the artifacts to be theirs. Many Inquisitors have also tried to obtain some of the Shadow guardís artifacts. However, there are no successful attacks as of now.
The Shadow Guard changed their name, chapter insignia and colors during a campaign to obtain many artifacts of Imperium and otherwise unknown origin on the planet known as Dranag IV. The chapterís strength had been severely depleted during the battle. They fought the followers of Slaanesh, and the foul Eldar Xenos. Also a detachment of the heretical Iron Warriors was present. The Delta Guard had been succeeding, despite this great number of foes. But in a stunning turn of events, the chapterís 8th company turned heretic under the influence of evil powers and turned on their brethren under the leadership of a heretical Librarian. The company fled after being defeated by the righteous fury of the loyal Delta Guard. But the chapter had lost a great deal of brave soldiers fighting itself and the enemies of the Imperium, and the 2nd and 5th companies were extremely reduced. The chapter, in deep sorrow, started painting their armor a black and purple. However, the veterans left their armor the original blue and silver, to represent their purity. The commanders have a strange mix of the dark colors of black and deep purple and the light colors of their original blue and silver. The chapter was renamed the Shadow Guard, and vowed to fight against the shadows of chaos and the xenos.

The Inquisition was, of course, called in to investigate the Delta Guard. However, they were found be pure and free of taint, and were allowed to continue in there service to the glorious Emperor of Mankind. An Inquisitor by the name of Serj seized his opportunity and made an ďallianceĒ with the newly named Shadow Guard. He too had an interest in collecting the Imperiumís Artifacts. Secretly though he was also assigned to keep watch of the chapter, in case another taint existed. However none has been found, and the Inquisitor and his personal army have fought besides the Shadow Guard and triumphed many times.
Due to the loss of their 8th Company, they do not have many Assault Squads or Bike Squadrons, as they are currently completely rebuilding the company. Also, the 2nd and 5th lost a few of their little Assault Squads. This has resulted in the chapter re-adjusting by adapting more shooting styles in combat. However, they do not scorn or do not prefer close combat; merely it is a more tactically sensible thing for them to do at the moment. However, they are still capable of handling an assault; itís just they do not use it as much in offensives. Often they will use Assault Marines as a fast reacting squad counter-assault, refraining from sending a large assault. They have replaced close combat with the ability to engage effectively at medium-close range fire-fights. The chapterís infantry have also made up in learning to be more mobile. This has also resulted in the chapter making effective use of Drop Pods. Often Drop pods will lead a shock attack, landing and spraying death out. Then infantry mounted in Rhino Transports rush at the same time, creating a shock tactic similar to a Blitzkrieg of more conventional troops. The effect can be devastating. In city fights, the same tactic is modified; heavy weapons create deadly firing lanes that allow rhinos to roll through. Drop Pods land near key buildings and the vulnerable enemy.
The chapter now is currently rebuilding its 8th company along with its weakened 2nd and 5th companies. They are terrible foes to behold; the vengeance they seek to wreck for their lost brethren is great. Despite their losses, they will never stop bringing retribution to the alien, mutant, heretic, and daemon."

Thanks in advance. I know it isn't Black Library material btw.
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Default Re: The return of the Delta guard (Now the shadow guard) [warning" lengthier post]

A very interesting read, I realy like the fluff, gj
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Default Re: The return of the Delta guard (Now the shadow guard) [warning" lengthier post]

Originally Posted by Far_Shot, High Priest of Tlazcotl
A very interesting read, I realy like the fluff, gj
Thanks! Glad you like.
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Default Re: The return of the Delta guard (Now the shadow guard) [warning" lengthier pos

that reminds me of the fluff of my chapter i never did ;D
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