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[BatRep] Beware the Daemon, 1000pts Ultramarines vs Thousand Sons
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Default [BatRep] Beware the Daemon, 1000pts Ultramarines vs Thousand Sons

[size=15pt]Beware The Daemon[/size]

Today I got in a quick game against the Thousand Sons again. 1000pts on an ice table. The lists were as follows:

Ultramarines 7th Company
Master Captain Vash Thalion, power weapon, storm bolter, frags, iron halo, terminator honors
Reclusiarch Claudius, bolt pistol, terminator honors, jump pack
Assault Squad Herrion (5), terminator honors, power fist, x2 plasma pistols, melta bombs
Tactical Squad Tyriel (10), terminator honors, power fist, melta gun
Tactical Squad Oscelo (10), terminator honors, power weapon, plasma gun, missil launcher
Devastator Squad Voltaris (6), missil launchers x4

Thousand Sons
Greater Daemon of Tzeentch
Screamers (5)
Screamers (5)
Flamers (6), 2 upgraded with something
Flamers (6) 2 upgraded again
Rubric Marines (10), sorcerer with bolt of change (I think), 1 thrall
-Rhino, pintle mounted storm bolter, smokes
Rubric Marines (10), sorcerer with bolt of change, 1 thrall
-Rhino, pintle mounted storm bolter, smokes
Dreadnaught, TL Las, Missil

Ah lots of Daemons, I dont have much experience fighting them, this will be... interesting. But first some fluff:

Captain Thalion stared out over the frozen tundra, dunes of ice and snow stretching out as far as the eye could see until... there on the horizon was a column of dark red and black approaching fast.

"The enemy approaches." Sergeant Tyriel stated stomping through the ice drift to stand beside his captain.

"They do indeed, I have recieved word that the warp is acting strangely, we will likely see a number of the Daemonkind in battle today." Captain Thalion replied still staring at the distant enemy.

"We are prepared sir, the enemy may outnumber us but we will stand and fight all the same." The sergeant replied stoicly.

"Then gather your men. They will be here soon."

The Thousand Sons were coming once more, they had to be held from the vulnerable city beyond until the evacuation was complete. Until then the Space Marines of the Ultramarines 7th Company would fight to hold the enemies of the Imperium at bay. No matter the cost.


One rhino went on either side of this small snowy hill and that was it for chaos. Devs went in a long line on another ice hill in my deployment zone with Squad Oscelo infront of them, squad Tyriel below the bank beside them with Vash attatched to squad Tyriel and Squad Herrion with Claudius attatched went behind the devs.

Turn 1:
Thousand Sons
Rhinos ran up, one dropped out the thousand sons in it and they fired on the devs killing one, I took the sergeant to maintain coherency. Dread fired and killed one member of Squad Oscelo.

Squad Herrion jumped out and fired on the rubric marines, squad Tyriel moved forward as did squad Oscelo, the Devs fired and destroyed the Dreadnaught. Everyone else fired on the Rubric marines killing 5 of the squad of 10 although 2 of the plasma pistols in the assault squad overheated but neither killed its wielder.

Turn 2:
Thousand Sons
None of the minor daemons appeared but the Greater Daemon did, wind of change dropped two of the assault squad, bolter fire from the undamaged rubric squad dropped the rest of the squad and the Greater Daemon annihilated the chaplain in close combat then consolidated into combat with the tactical squads, the battered rubric squad also charged. A couple tacticals dropped to the sons and daemon but all the remaining thousand sons were smashed down by sergeants Oscelo and Tyriel. Squad Tyriel then consolidated into combat with the Greater Daemon along with Squad Oscelo.

Not in the combat anymore Captain Thalion fired at the thousand sons with the remaining Devs killing two and wounding another.

Turn 3:
Thousand Sons
All 4 squads of Daemons appeared, both flamer squads appeared right next to the summoner, one squad of screamers appeared more to the right behind the combat and the last squad of screamers scattered right in between captain Thalion, squads Oscelo and Tyriel and the Devs. Without anywhere to deploy that would not be within 1" the whole squad was lost. Flamers and rubric squad not in cc fired on the devs killing 3 more, screamers charged captain thalion and lost two of their number, falling back 18" with hit and run. CC with the greater daemon saw several more marines lose their lives and the whole group not managing to wound the daemon except for sergeant Tyriel who bashes away one of the Daemons wounds.

Captain Thalion fired on the thousand sons finishing off the wounded one and the devs capped another two leaving 4 left. In close combat sergeant Tyriel takes another wound off the daemon leaving 2 and more marines die leaving both squads at about half strength by this point.

Turn 4:
Thousand Sons
Rubric squad and both flamer squads fire on the last two Devs annihilating them. Greater Daemon loses another wound to the valiant sergeant Tyriel and kills several more marines.

Captain Thalion charges desperately into a flamer squad and slices down two of their number and wounds a third and is not hurt in return. Daemons fail their distabilization test by 3 and lose another model and the wounded one.

Turn 5:
Thousand Sons
Rubric squad and screamers charge into combat with Squad Oscelo and Tyriel, 2 screamers die as a concequence and the Greater Daemon and screamers kill 3 marines, flamers also charge, without any marines left in btb with the rubrics they dont get to fight. Sergeant Tyriel finally crushes the giant chicken's head with his power fist and the remaining marines consolidate, the remaining screamer runs away. Captain Thalion butchers the last few flamers.

Captain Thalion charges into combat with the rubric marines and cuts down two of them. Sergeant Tyriel crunches the remaining 2 and sergeant Oscelo and the remaining marines attack the Flamers who kill one more marine. Now its just Captain Thalion, Sergeant Oscelo, Sergeant Tyriel and an un-named plasma gunner marine.

Turn 6:
Thousand Sons
Daemons fail to cause any wounds. Ultramarines kill all but 2 of the daemons. Even with the screamer charging back and getting killed.

The boys in blue finish killing the Daemons and stand atop the pile of dead triumphantly.

At the time we thought the game had ended several turns back technically but now I guess it actually did end on turn 6 now that Ive gone through turn by turn. With half points remaining for the master and both tactical squads and all enemies annihilated save the Rhinos. That means the Ultramarines actually pull a minor victory with more than 101 vps over the Thousand Sons. Woot Victory to the Ultramarines!!! Thats a come back.

So a good battle for the Ultramarines.

And some more fluff:

Captain Vash Thalion flicked the blood from his blade and dug it into the ice at his feet to support his weight. Around him the marines still standing were far too few for comfort. Sergeant's Tyriel and Oscelo still stood. Oscelo's power axe was drenched in the matter of daemons and Tyriel was litterally covered in the stuff from head to foot having gone toe to toe with a mighty Greater Daemon of Tzeentch. The Thousand Sons had been few in number but their Daemon allies were far more numerous. The bodies of Thousand Sons, Daemons and Ultramarines lay littered all around the hill of ice.

"The Daemon has been defeated this day." Captain Thalion announced.

"Indeed they have, but at a steep cost." Oscelo replied, moving over to check the wounds of his last standing marine. Then together the two went to check on the fallen to see if any would yet live.

"We will recover, the citizens of the Imperium are safe, our duty is done and the enemies of the Emperor have been slain. Our victory has come at a steep cost this day, but we are nevertheless victorious." Vash replied.

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