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Painting a command squad
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Default Painting a command squad

I'm about to paint a command squad for my Mortifactors, and I have no idea how I should paint the specialists. I mean Medics and Librarians typically don't follow the regular chapter colour scheme right?

Does anyone have any information on Morticator colours for their medics / librarians...

Or does anyone have an speculation they wish to share...

Basicaly is there a particular pattern to painting a specilist that makes hm stand out but without clashing with the rest of the army. Perhaps inverting the regular colours of the chapter? Perhaps Medics have red shoulder pads, but otherwise follow the normal chapter colours.
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Default Re: Painting a command squad

Well typically, although it is certainly not always the case, characters have a primary colour that identifies their role and their chapter colours are displayed along with their symbol on a shoulder pad. The associated armour colours are as follows:

Chaplain - Black
Librarian - Blue
Techmarine - Red
Apothecary - White

You could use this same technique if you want to avoid clashing too much with other models by simply inverting these colours and using the pauldron to identify the characters role, while still displaying the chapter colours on the rest of their armour. Chaplains and Librarians really tend to be exempt from this though and ought to be painted in their unique colours.
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Default Re: Painting a command squad

Thanks Tom thats exactly what I wanted to know.
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