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Powersword, powerfist, or both?
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Default Powersword, powerfist, or both?

I recently played a game in which I wished all of my veteran sergrants had powerfists insted of power weapons. Then in the next game, after I had swapped a few arms, I would have given my left arm to have the powerswords back. So I went home and glued one of each onto all of my vets except the one with a plazma pistol. Now I can choose between more strength, or higher initiative depending on the situation. I had to sacrafice a couple of marines to cover the points, but think the flexibility will be worth it. Has anyone tried this? How did it work out?
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Default Re: Powersword, powerfist, or both?

My assault Sergeant uses a power sword and it's does what I need it to do just fine. But I've never fought against an abundance of monsterous creatures and my assault squad has Melta-bombs for tanks, so they've no use for a buried power fist. My two Tactical squad veteran sergeants both have power fists though. Of my four tactical squads, these two are up at the front while the other two provide fire support. I find it useful to have power fists to attack vehicles if need be. These two squads both carry meltaguns, but they need only miss (or somehow fail to penetrate) and I'd find myself in trouble if it weren't for my 'backup'.

You might wish for the means to strike in initiative order in close combat, but when you have the opportunity to assault an enemy, having the capacity to harm it will be for more desirable.

But the possibility of getting struck down or left with few viable combatants before initiative 1 blows is an annoyance. I still think it's best to have a power fist in there rather than a power weapon. It's too useful not to have it in there!
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Default Re: Powersword, powerfist, or both?

It's all worth it when somone charges a solo chaos lord into your squad, kills half of them only to be brought down by the fist-wielding sarge.

Can you say, Glass Jaw?
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