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Space Wolves Chapter Size?
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Default Space Wolves Chapter Size?

It's a question that has been bugging me for a while.

The Space Wolves Chapter has 12 great companies.

They were only split once from their original legion, forming the Wolf Brothers Chapter.

Each Legion was supposed to be 10,000 Marines in strength now looking at fluff it mentions that the Space Wolves were never a very big legion, I assume that they weren't at full 10,000 strength.

Thus I assume say 6,000 marines at full strength and after splitting off 1,000 marines to form the Wolf Brothers they would have 5,000 left.

Great Wolfs Company - 600 Marines -
11 other Great Companies 400 Marines each

Whaddya ya'll think?

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Default Re: Space Wolves Chapter Size?

from what I can remember it is still close to being at legion strength, but to my knowlege it is still smaller than the Black Templar are rumored to be(anywhere from 6000 to 10000)
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Default Re: Space Wolves Chapter Size?

They still break the rules for Chapter size that was set in the Codex Astartes.

I think its around 6000 Space Wolves.
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Default Re: Space Wolves Chapter Size?

Based on some early calculations and I dont expect them to be correct,

1 average Company = 100 marines.

10 Companies to a 'Chapter' is 1,000 marines total.

1 'Chapter' x 12 Wolf Lords = 12,000.

I can imagine the Company size may vary somewhat so itll range from 10,000 to 14,000 Marines ROUGHLY.
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Default Re: Space Wolves Chapter Size?

Space wolves and Black templar are impossible to calculate. You would be better off just using one word:

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