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[BatRep] Cover Up, 1000pts Marines vs Marines
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Default [BatRep] Cover Up, 1000pts Marines vs Marines

Well last friday a friend from the local hobby shop was over at my dorm and with little to do we decided to break out all the new models I got and split them into some rather interesting armies. What we came up with was as follows:

Blood Ravens (me)
Librarian, epistolary, familiar, bolt pistol, terminator honors, veil of time, iron halo, frags, infiltrate and I think thats it
Command Squad (6), Champion, Apothecary, Standard Bearer, Vet Serg w/ Power Fist & bolter, x2 marines with bolters, infiltrate abd I think I had to remove true grit to cut the cost.
Tactical Squad 1 (10), vet serg with power weapon, missil launcher, melta gun, infiltrate, frags I think
Tactical Squad 2 (10), vet serg with power weapon, missil launcher, melta gun, infiltrate, frags
Assault Squad (5), vet serg with power fist

Space Marine 10th Company (SCOUTS!!!)
Captain, power weapon, bolt pistol, terminator honors
Scout Squad 1 (5), ccws & bolt pistols
Scout Squad 2 (5), ccws & bolt pistols
Scout Squad 3 (5), ccws & bolt pistols
Scout Squad 4 (5), sniper rifles
Scout Squad 5 (5), sniper rifles
Scout Squad 6 (6), x5 bolters, x1 heavy bolter
Devastators ( 8 ), missil launcher x2, heavy bolter x1, lascannon x1
Land Speeder
Land Speeder Tornado
Land Speeder Tornado

Yea I know, 31 scouts, ever seen that many on the field at once? Boy am I outnumbered. So lets see how this turns out, vets in small numbers versus tons of newbies, should be interesting... right?

Ok some fluff to justify this whole debacle.

It is with great concern that I notify you, honored Chapter Master, of the current situation. The Red Consuls 10th Company arrived on Veritas uncovered ancient space marine ruins apparently linked to the Blood Ravens while training a new batch of initiates. As we feared they have uncovered far more of the ruins than we can allow and it does indeed appear to be relics from our chapters lost past. We cannot allow these relics to fall into others hands, servents of the Emperor or not. The Red Consul's cannot be asked either as the nature of the relics cannot be allowed to escape, they suggest stronger connections with the Eldar xenos than could ever be allowed to be known or the Inquisition might well seek our chapter's destruction. It is therefore qith great reluctance that I have decided the only course remaining is to annihilate the Red Consul's to a man and recover the relics. As I speak preparations are being made. I will inform you when the operation is complete.

-Epistolary Raminus

So the board was basically two wrecked tanks on the middle left, a small graveyard hill middle right, and a building at the center of each deployment zone. Not a whole lot of terrain but its all I had. So I deployed the assault marines behind my building, one tac squad in the graveyard, the other in the wrecked tanks and the command squad behind the tanks. One cc scout squad infiltrated to my deployment zone behind Tac squad 1 in the graveyard, another stayed in the basement of my opponents building infront of his captain, the Devs went on the top floor, the scout squads deployed in a long formation on the right of his deployment zone with the bolter scouts and 3rd cc squad on the left.

Turn 1:
Blood Ravens
Ok so I got first turn and managed to kill... nada. Command squad moved forward as did assaults but that was about it.

Red Consuls
They did more, the scouts behind Tac 1 moved towards them, Tac 1 lost 2 men and Tac 2 lost a marine. Not a bad start by the consul's, the land Speeders moved right, amidst the snipers.

Turn 2:
Blood Ravens
Command Squad, Tac 2 and Assault Squad rushed forward, killed a member of the bolter scout squad and dropped two devs total.

Red Consuls
Scouts behind Tac 1 rolled snake eyes on the difficult terrain to charge and so were stuck but Tac 1 still lost 2 men thanks to the Devs and snipers. The Land Speeders shot up the Assault Squad downing 4 but the sergeant managed to stick for the fight. Command squad lost a trooper as did Tac 2. Downed one Tornado.

Turn 3:
Blood Ravens
Now its time for some retribution. Assault Sergeant and Tac 2 charged the Devs and wiped the floor with them, the command squad rushed into combat with the bolter scouts and slaughtered them then swept into the cc squad nearby, the Assault Sergeant and Tac 2 swept into the other cc scouts and commander.

Red Consuls
Scouts behind Tac 1 killed 3 members of it to bolters, 3 wounds I a pair of 2's and a 1, sheesh. The rest of the squad died in cc and a single scout fell to the sergeant. The assault sergeant and Tac 2 pounded up the cc scouts a bit and Tac 2 lost a marine to the captain. Command squad wiped out their scouts and moved towards the nearby combat. Captain did gut the assault marine sergeant.

Turn 4:
Blood Ravens
Command squad charged into the fray. Captain fell to the Librarian and the scouts died aswell. Both squads moved towards the snipers.

Red Consuls
Snipers and cc scouts fired on Tac 2 killing all but the sergeant, second snipers squad shoots at the sergeant and fails to bring him down. The Land Speeders finish him off.

Turn 5:
Blood Ravens
The command squad crashed into both sniper squads at once and wiped them both out then swept into the cc scouts.

Red Consuls
Scouts died horribly and last bolter marine of the command squad fell.

Turn 6:
Blood Ravens
Hiked it back to the building to hide from the Land Speeders.

Red Consuls
Land Speeders chased after the command squad.

We went on like this for 7 more turns and I lost the standard bearer but the command squad stayed at half strength without falling below thanks to the apothecary and my careful use of LOS to no end of cursing from my opponent. Finally at the end it was 370 or so of my army left vs 130 of his, with more than 250pts more I won the battle. Victory to the Blood Ravens!!!

Some ending fluff:

Honored Chapter Master, the duty has been done, the Red Consuls have been eliminated and the relics retrieved. We did also recover the geneseed of the fallen consuls and their battle gear to be sent back to their chapter. We wiped out more than thirty of their scouts, a terrible blow to a chapter and must make amends somehow. We sent the items under the pretext of recovering their fallen after a battle with the Orks, who are dominant on Veritas and were the reason the Red Consuls 10th was there. The matter is suspicious but with any luck we have avoided disaster and the Red Consuls will not pay to high a price for our continued secrecy. I am returning now with the contents of the ruins which we have sealed off for future examination.

-Epistolary Raminus

So some comments would be great, what did you all think? I quite enjoyed the fight between two very different armies.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Cover Up, 1000pts Marines vs Marines

Two different armies is right! Marines are very versitile. Good fluff, but your librarian seem a bit over equipped to fight scouts and you really needed somthing to kill those land speeders faster. I always like removing speders before they can earn their points back.
R.I.P. Freddie Hope, May your memory never die.

Originally Posted by runer60000
Originally Posted by Gearhead
I believe so, I get mine at Walgreen's for around $7. Brake Fluid works too (Pine Sol Works on metals, not so well on plastics), but I prefer the spraycanniness of the Easy Off. Spray it (Wear gloves, it's important), let it sit, and take a toothbrush to it later.
so what your saying is that oven cleaner can remove paint from plastic models? and after that, you take a toothbrush to your plastic model, and the paint just comes off?
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