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Space Marines- A Veteran army?
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Default Space Marines- A Veteran army?


This is a question that comes up a lot at my local GW. Most people would think that Space Marines are the beginners army, so because of that some of the veterans at my GW are concerned about starting marines because some people might think they are beginners. A lot of the veterans think that space marines are one of the most tactically flexable armies out there, but the big question is are marines a beginner and veteran army and is it usual for veterans to start space marines? This is discounting variants like Space Wolves and Blood Angels.
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Default Re: Space Marines- A Veteran army?

I say Space Marines are primarily a beginners army. They've still got some interesting and challenging things going for them, like Drop pod and Terminator assaults. But Space Marines are just good at everything, while lacking the elite specialisation of other races. They're not as shooty or mobile as Tau, they're not as fighty as Tyranids and they can't match the armoured might of the Imperial Guard, but they can do all these things to a 'good' standard none the less.

What's more, Space Marines are very forgiving in terms of player error, due in no small part to their signature power armour. You can walk away from tactical blunders far easier than you can with Guard for instance.

But beginner and veteran players alike shouldn't concern themselves solely with the challenges offered by a Space Marine army, nor with their ability to win battles, but players should always choose their army factoring in how much they want a Marine army. If the idea of a legion of brightly coloured genetically modified supermen, toting firearms of the sort you might expect to see mounted on helicopers, for whom the notion of fear is as alien as the vile Xenos scum they are pledged to destroy appeals to you, then Space Marines are for you (or in this case, your friends)!
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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Default Re: Space Marines- A Veteran army?

It tends to be considered a beginner army because it's very forgiving, easy to paint up and easy to remember rules for(every marine unit pretty much has the same stat line). However I think it's a bit of a misnomer. Lots of veterans still play marines because it is a very flexable army. You can't do any one thing well, but you can adjust things so they are more to one end or another. It's also probably the best list for doing take-all-comers lists because a standard marine army can usually adapt a bit to every army out theree.

How to put this? While all the armies out ther have some flex in how they fight tactics tend to have a limit. Tyranids are always going to want to get as close as possible. Tau and Guard are always going to want to keep the enemy at some distance. The army list might always be the same but the tactics tend to be employed with only a little flex as to who targets who first. Marines sort of break the mold that way. Instead of playing to your strengths, you try instead to exploit their weaknesses. Tyranids? Stand back and shoot. Guard? Close ASAP. The end result is that not only do you have the most flexable list to make your choices from, you often have the most flexable choice in tactics.

Long and short, Marines are easy to learn how to use, but can be very hard to master. That makes it more of an all players army, not just a beginners. If they still call you a beginner because you brought marine, well, you should be able to suprise them by the rapidness of your learning curve and your knowledge from your other army on what to expect of theirs and your own.
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Default Re: Space Marines- A Veteran army?

Marines are very forgiving, they have imense tactical flexibility and they are the poster boys of 40k, all coupled together that tends to paint a big "noob" sign on the army for many people. However that does not mean veterans cant pick up Space Marines. I started with Tau and not long ago decided to give marines a try and now I am building 3 chapters and the total marines I have, points wise is more than double my Tau army even though its still my primary force. Marines can just be a lot of fun where as with other armies every mistake can hurt badly and you have to keep a constant eye on things I like playing marines so I can simply put my feet up and shoot stuff, win or lose I dont have to put much thought into it and its still fun. Im not sitting there carefully guessing the range for an FoF attack, or trying to catch LOS around corners with a Railgun slug while keeping the main chasis out of sight of as much of the enemy as possible etc. I can just plant my marines and blast away and/or rush forward and clobber stuff. Its refreshing to a certain extent. Then I can play my Tau and be knit picky if I like or just play another game with marines and cool it for a while. Like just for fun last night I ran an almost all infiltrating army against an almost all scout army. 27 infiltrating tac marines vs 31 scouts. Was quite fun just to see whether numbers and firepower could beat veteran skill.

Veterans can deffinetly play Marines and have a great time doing it. They arent just for noobs and the best marine armies are usually veteran ones. A well painted and well played marine army can be a great thing to see.

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