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Death watch
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Default Death watch

would you suggest using death watch? do you see them as good or bad point wise?
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Default Re: Death watch

I read their list and,Do you realy want to pay 5(plus a basic marine) to upgrade to a death wach marine.
Theu have no stat bonuses just extra bolter types. These extra types are all to expensive.
I mean a storm bolter with lasgun stats for 13 points,WTF.
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Default Re: Death watch

I'm making a Death Watch kill team just for fluff purposes... and I have a bunch of crappily painted space marines that need a real use.
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Default Re: Death watch

Deathwatch can be extremely nasty and can be a nice addition to your army. However simply remember that while they are nice they die just like any other marine so dont go overboard with their gear. They can be tooled to do quite a few things but like many veteran marne squads of various types too much gear is just ineffective.

The squad can be upgraded to be very shooty with mobile heavy bolters and ammo that can re-roll to wound or ammo that has better AP or they can be tooled for close combat with multiple veterans with power weapons, power fists or lightning claws, the squad has true grit automatically and they have melta bombs and frags base aswell.

They have their advantages and disadvantages, its up to personal preference whether to use them and how to arm them.

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