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Honour Guard
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Old 18 Nov 2006, 05:56   #1 (permalink)
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Default Honour Guard

Has any body tried feilding the Ultramarines Honour Guard? I have been playing around with lists for my next army and I really like the idea, but im not so sure how they would perform. The models are great, but they seem expensive point wise for waht they are.... so any body have any experience with them?

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Default Re: Honour Guard

Personally i think they are grea models and arnt OTT and dont cost an arm and a leg 8) seems great, though i would field them more like vet sarges than as a unit.

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Default Re: Honour Guard

Honour Guards make for a decent Countercharging force ( via Company Banner ), but they're very expensive. Each Guard costs as much than 2 Tac squad members each___that's a lot of sacrificed bodies and firepower for something with about the same capabilities than a Tac squad with Trust your Battle Brothers, yet sporting tons of Power Weapons that are somewhat wasted upon a countercharging unit. If they had Jump Packs and Bolt Pistols, then they'd be much better.
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