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Adamantine Mantle, Apothecaries, Lascannon etc.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Adamantine Mantle, Apothecaries, Lascannon etc.

Hypothetical question/cheese...

Adamantine Mantles allow wearers to ignore Instant Death, taking single wounds instead from things such as Lascannon fire.

Apothecaries can cure wounds that don't cause Instant Death.

So if my HQ unit with Command Squad takes Lascannon fire (or Earthshaker fire or some such), I can allocate a Lascannon shot/wound to the HQ Character & negate it with the Apothecary?

Or does the Lascannon shot always cause Instant Death in terms of the Narthecium/Reductor rules (the Adamantine Mantle rule does not apply to the other wargear), thus can never be healed by an Apothecary?
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Default Re: Adamantine Mantle, Apothecaries, Lascannon etc.

Well by the way it is written i do belive that you are correct. It did not cause instant death because you ingore it. =
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Default Re: Adamantine Mantle, Apothecaries, Lascannon etc.


The way I interpret it, it looks like the Narthecium is intended to only work on a specific category of wound types. A lascannon is simply not something it can deal with. That said, here's the protocol:

1 - Character with mantle takes a wound that is Str8 or higher.
2 - Character takes wound; triggers instant death.
3 - Mantle counter-triggers instant death. You take the wound normally.
4 - Narthecium cannot prevent the wound--you took it and it did cause instant death. The Mantle simply prevented instant death.

-- However, if you read it in absolute RAW:

"..it is however of no use against an attack that causes insant death..."
- Instant death was not caused.
- Therefore, narth can prevent the wound.

So there's two ways to think about it.
Either way can be argued.
RAW says that you can prevent the wound.
But it may not be within the spirit/intention of the rules.

So for that, I leave it to you to decide. Rule-wise, you can prevent the wound. Do what you think is right though.

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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jul 2006
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Default Re: Adamantine Mantle, Apothecaries, Lascannon etc.

Thanks for both of those opinions...

I do agree that the spirit of the rules should say that the Mantle doesn't stack with the Narthecium... but the RAW argument definitely has its own merit as well (especially these days), and that's what makes me wonder about the combination... even if it is better at shrugging off single instakill railgun shots than a statured Daemon Prince.

Ah well... maybe I will try running a Chapter Master/Company Captain with Mantle & Command Squad to see how it actually works out.
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Default Re: Adamantine Mantle, Apothecaries, Lascannon etc.

There's the fluff argument to consider too. An Apothecary can't fix up a Marine who's had his torso blown off by a battle cannon, but the mantle absorbs the energy of such powerful weapons, reducing the damage they do to something far less severe. While a Lascannon blast might punch a hole clean through a Space Marine Captain, if he were protected by an adamantine mantle, such catastrophic damage might be reduced to something akin to a shotgun wound...ie. something treatable (given the Apothecary's elite training in battlefield medicine).
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Default Re: Adamantine Mantle, Apothecaries, Lascannon etc.

While it may not be exactly what was intended GW has really pushed the whole RAW thing and therefore since RAW suggests that the narthecium would indeed be able to heal the wound than it would seem in all legality that you could do so. So its really up to you whether to put such an idea into practice or not.

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Default Re: Adamantine Mantle, Apothecaries, Lascannon etc.

The mantle is overpriced anyway. I'd allow the Apothecary's effect to apply just to justify its point cost.
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