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Painting Blue Blood Angels
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Painting Blue Blood Angels

Ok i have decided to make paint my marines in a blend of ultramarine blue + enchanted blue. However i want to use ALL Blood Angel rules.. my friends refuses to play me saying its ilegal but my other friends uses another blood angel army in a different scheme from red and uses it in Tourneys....
Should i still paint my marines blue as i like it OR should i paint them red to less hassel with people?
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Default Re: Painting Blue Blood Angels

You can paint them any colour you want, it's really your decision. If you do paint them blue you'll have to be sure your opponent knows that you're using Blood Angel's rules.

You could just say that they're a Blood Angel successor chapter that for some reason painted their armour blue.
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Default Re: Painting Blue Blood Angels

Indeed as long as your clear about what they are that's fine.

However if you're painting them blue, and using Ultrmarine unit markings and using a Marneus Calgar miniature as your Master then its not cool.

However if they're painted blue, with unique (or blood angel style) chapter markings, with Death company, Baal preadtors and Furioso dreadnoughts then there's no problem.

Just make sure they're easily distinguished from ultramarines.

Perhaps paint the shoulder pad fields in red? That will give a cool/unique look.
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Default Re: Painting Blue Blood Angels

If someone gives you hassle about it, just point at their unpainted miniatures and demand to see their 'Codex: Grey Blobs', to check the legallity for taking allied Grey Blobs in their army. 8)

I'm all in favour of WYSIWYG and I hate half-arsed proxies (like upside down cups to represent drop pods), but it's absurd to take issue with someone's colour scheme when they've told you what chapter it is. Even more so if the same people are fielding unpainted miniatures; I mean, by their own logic, what right do they have to say they've got a Khorne army, an Alaitoc war host or a Dark Angels army if it's all grey and faceless? >
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Default Re: Painting Blue Blood Angels

Claim it's a chapter that believes it still uses Sanguiniuses gene-seed and that its pure.
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