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Getting started with Space Marines
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Default Getting started with Space Marines


Well during the week Holiday I was thinking seriously hard, what army should I do next? My first idea was a Death Korps of Krieg army, I could afford it, but it would take far to long to fully develop, and also I'm not confident enough to go and paint up a whole Forge World army.

The idea of returning to my first army, World Eaters came to me, but I would rather wait until my skills at painting Red improved. Which left me with one choice, Space Marines. Personally I've never liked Space Marines, why? In my local GW many people have stopped collecting Orks, Imperial Guard and turned to Space Marines as an alternative, because they believe that they can win because they get a superior stat line, which saddens me as I've never had the opportunity to face a 'real' Space Marine player, a person who collects Space Marines because they like them, not because they assume that they can win all of the time.

Now I thought instead of waiting for a 'real' Space Marine player to come along to my local GW, why don't I be one! You know Space Marines really do get dissed, and what people forget is that in this big open place called Earth there are plenty of 'real' Space Marine players out there (many of them here on TO!) I would like to set an example at the GW store I go to, make people remember that you collect an army because you like them, not because of the stat line or that you may stand a higher chance of winning.

Now I do have Codex Space Marines, I've looked through it and I am impressed. I personally liked the Revilers, although there is little fluff on these guys I did find out that they are related to the Raven Guard, which is great because I want a fast striking C.C army! Now we all know Christmas is nearing (yes!) and I think this will be the perfect opportunity to get started. Now my Favorite unit is the Command Squad, so much potential for conversion!

But really what I need help with is the gaming side of Space Marines. You see I want a small, fast C.C army that can get in there quick (much like Raven Guard) I did have a look at the Traits and I found the one called "See but don't be seen" was exactly what I was looking for! What I need help with is what units should I use in a fast striking army? How should I equip my Commander? Do I need a commander? and furthermore how can I get started?

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Default Re: Getting started with Space Marines

Well obviously you'll want to get some assault marines. I would get a full squad of 10. Model some with special weapons you'll want that option once you get close( i suggest flamers). Also get a chaplain with a jumppack to lead this squad and the army if you don't want a commander. Not only will the squad be fearless with the chaplain but having him with an assault squad can cause total devastion once they reach the enemy.

Get some transport vehicles for you troops. Bikes, attack bikes and landspeeders something you should consider. Having a very mobile heavy support from razorbacks, landspeeders and attack bikes will leave your opponent taking out heavy weapons that are really cheap points-wise.

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Default Re: Getting started with Space Marines

Well, it's not as if other armies don't have their extremely overpowering elements as well... so if Space Marines are cheesy, then almost everything is cheesy IMO. (I also like that Ultramarines are labeled as bland and boring/for n00bz only, so that's why I'm so interested in Ultramarines right now.)

Traits are only part of the equation (that base statline IS very good), and the Space Marine Codex seems very capable of handling many types of armies without using the traits system. Scouts, Veterans, and Command Squads (along with attached characters in Command Squads) can Infiltrate without having to use the "See but don't be seen" trait... so depending on what you actually want to do, your mix of traits may not exactly have to conform to your fluff... your army list composition can also address some of the philosophies of your unit/chapter.

For CC, definitely select those aspects that allow you to add more CC potential. "Trust your Battle Brothers" is definitely solid, "Take the Fight to Them" has its merits... but the traits with Furious Charge are great for the I boost (to be one-up on other Marines, as an example) - "No Mercy, No Respite", "Blessed Be the Warriors", and/or "Be Swift as the Wind"... unless you make use of Veteran/Command Squads with Furious Charge, and then you could go after some of those other traits. Which ability is most important? Infiltration, Furious Charge, etc?

For your HQ unit, an Assault-y Chaplain is perhaps the most ideal choice (attached to an Assault Marine squad or a Biker squad for your fast/cc concept)... but you might also consider a tooled-up Librarian with Veil of Time, perhaps Might of Heroes (plus Familiar for the I boost), or Fear of the Darkness (to thin out the riff-raff). Sure, taking a Chapter Master for Rites of Battle is always good... but what a Chaplain and/or Librarian brings to an assault squad is also quite considerable.

Definitely the suggestion to take a full squad of Assault Marines plus a Chaplain with a Jump Pack is probably the best, no-miss way to go for an Assault-y Space Marine list... unless you actually like the Biker models better. Either can form the core of your fast-striking cc army.

/IMO, the Jump Pack guys look cooler... but YMMV.
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