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drop pods vs. teleport homers, Space Marine/Scout Bikers
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Kroot Shaper
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Default drop pods vs. teleport homers, Space Marine/Scout Bikers

So neither Drop Pods nor Teleporting allows you to Assault in the turn you arrive... (so both are strikes against ever using a Terminator Assault squad unless you dump even more points into LRC/railgun fodder or something). Are Dreadnoughts the big reason to do a Drop Pod army? Or the "terrain" factor?

In light of some of the discussions about Bike Squads & 4th edition, how about Biker Brother-Sergeants with Teleport Homers? Chaos Bikers can drop "daemon bombs" down the throats of enemy armies... what about "T-mon bomb" Terminator drops from loyalist Marines on bikes?

Of course, a minimal investment in one Drop Pod versus a Biker Sergeant w/Terminator Honours is not a small difference... and teleporting loyalist Terminators are a little more expensive than a cheap pack of daemons.

Maybe this is a no-brainer kind of thing, especially Chaos players who use Bikes to deliver elements of their forces behind enemy lines. I just haven't thought about using Bikes compared to Assault Squads, and this seems like a way to take advantage of a Biker squad (just thinking about Librarians & Fear of the Darkness again).
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Default Re: drop pods vs. teleport homers, Space Marine/Scout Bikers

I think the big reason to take a drop pod army is simply the fluff appeal (and the novelty ). What better way to emphasise the Space Marine's 'Angels of Death' image than a massive orbital assault?

A biker with a teleport homer is a reliable tactic certainly, but it's a little limited compared to a drop pod. Your bike squadron has to go wherever the Terminators are needed and might not arrive at a remote location in time for the arrival of the Terminators. Deploying by teleportation may well tie up your bike squadron for a couple of turns by forcing it to move in a manner that does not best suit its projected role. A drop pod however is independent and expendable.

I prefer not to spend points on a Drop pod for my Termies though. Instead, I use a teleport homer carried by my assault squad sergeant, and if I'm taking more than one Termie squad I like to field my Damocles to help bring them in more reliably.
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Default Re: drop pods vs. teleport homers, Space Marine/Scout Bikers

Unfortunately, my Space Wolves can't use the Teleportation Homer for my Termies. Whole army has to drop pod because we don't like teleport technology.

Haven't done it since the new Marine Codex came out, but an all drop-pod army is just fun. Never knowing exactly when (or WHERE) something was coming onto the board gives you leave to practice "Fluid Tactics". i.e. "I don't know what the h#CK is going on, but I'm going over THERE!!!!"

I've heard people complain about the way they've been used in the new edition, and that's unfortunate. It can be abused (pretty much any special rule can be), but it was intended to simulate the fluff of space marines so I think everyone should try it once.
Blind Gunn

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