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Space Marine Mercenary
Closed Thread
Old 26 Oct 2006, 23:16   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Space Marine Mercenary

Was just wondering if its possible for a Space marine mercenary chapter?

If YES give reasons why

If NO give ideas to make them close to mercenary

Many thanks in advance cheers :
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Old 27 Oct 2006, 00:50   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Space Marine Mercenary

I could see a space marine successor chapter being falsely accused as Arch-Hereticus, the mark of chaos upon them. The Inquisition would send someone to investigate any new successor chapter and I suppose, depending on their practices and evolutionary divergnce in appearance, they might be deemed abominations and heretics despite being loyal to the Imperium. I could see them hiring themselves out as mercenaries to survive. However, they would be hounded by inquisition forces and zealots and be judged Exterminatus.

If they still felt allegiance to the imperium they would have to hide in the warp
and reappear ( much like Legion of the Damned ) only they would conceal their identities and hire themslves out to continue to fight a secret war and eventually prove their innocence and loyalty. Only chapters in dire circumstances would ever entertain payment for their services and I could imagine them occasionaly fighting for free with the hopes of being cleared.

I think you could fill n the rest ....
a) decide wha their geneseed is
b) create a homeworld that lends itself to some peculiar and unique evolutionary trait
c) design their armour without the eagle emblem and suitabe to both their roots an current existence ?
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Default Re: Space Marine Mercenary

There are rogue marine chapters, but I've never heard of a mercenary army. It's completely possible but they should be modelled accordingly. The rogue chapter with the most fluff available would be the Red Corsairs. They are raiders they could possibly do mercenary work but I don't remember if that has been written about them or not. I think they'll just take what you've got rather than earn it. They was a feature on them in white dwarf 291-292? somewhere around there.
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