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Comments on this Guard vs. Black Templar Battlereport
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Default Comments on this Guard vs. Black Templar Battlereport

I found this battle report in the Imperial Guard section and wanted to see if any Space Marine players had comments on what went wrong for this Black Templar Army. It's a fun read.

1500p Battle Report vs. Black Templar:


I found it conspicuous that there were no assault marines, for example. Going up against so many heavy bolters was also clearly a problem, since the BT didn't engage in hand to hand early enough. Perhaps having a chaplain and some cenobyte servitors might have gotten the crusaders in earlier. And the rhino squad blown to smithereens was probably avoidable.

Does anybody else have any Space Marine or BT specific insights?
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Default Re: Comments on this Guard vs. Black Templar Battlereport

Put in Templar bikes instead of an assault squad, 3+ invulnerables on turbo boost, give them power weapons and they would have torn the guard to pieces by turn two. I would've focused more on CC and gotten rid of the lascannons on the Dread, and just scrapped the Predator altogether.
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