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would this be good space marine commander
Closed Thread
Old 24 Sep 2006, 23:09   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default would this be good space marine commander

Space Marine Librarian
Artificer Armor
Storm Bolter
Terminator Honors
Melta Bomb
power -might of heroes and veil of time
Psychic Hood
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Default Re: would this be good space marine commander

What with the Librarian's high initiative, force weapon and phychic powers, he makes a fine close combat specialist, able to deliver instant death to the toughest of foes. Swap out the storm bolter for a bolt pistol to gain an extra attack at the expense of some shootiness and drop the meltabombs completely; those are five points better spent elsewhere. An entire an assault squad with meltabombs poses a major threat to any vehicle, but a single character with limited mobility is not a major concern...although, that said, your opponent might not consider the librarian a threat to his precious vehicle and it'll come as a nasty surprise if you can get in close and deliver that meltabomb (using veil of time if need be). If after writing your list, however, you find you need a few more points...that's where to find them.

Had you considered a jump pack? Being a scary close combat monster, the Librarian can really benefit from one.
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Default Re: would this be good space marine commander

Seeing as that's not a space marine commander, no. :P

Anyway, what you need is an invulnerable save. Before you take Artificer Armour, take an Iron Halo, Storm Shield*, or Combat Shield (if you need to save points). A 2+ save is nice, but most of what you'll be hunting don't let him have armour saves (other characters, monstrous creatures etc.)
*This should only really be done when you've taken might of heroes, to compensate for the attack loss.

As Tom said, Bolt Pistol all the way. Use some of the spare points to buy frag grenades. What Tom said about the melta bombs.

As for the powers, I've always felt that Veil of Time is a bit of a pants power. Sure, it's a lot of re-rolls, but not when you really need them (only works on your turn), and it's expensive. I'd swap it with a shooting power such as Fury of the Ancients or Fear of the Darkness.
That being said, it has its uses.
Remember; buy your more expensive powers first to reduce cost (your overall power cost is 35, and switched it would be 25). This becomes imperative for the expensive ones, or if you're using a cheap one (i.e. Fury).

Finally, strap him in a jump pack or put him on a bike, he needs mobility (this works especially well if you have Fear).

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Default Re: would this be good space marine commander

Iron halo is for power gamers if it's less than a 2000 point game. I doubt a librarian would have that over a 'real' SM commander anyway. I'm a fan of familiars just because of the fluff. You see servo skulls in all the artwork but where are they on the battlefield? Save your points on melta bombs or any grenades for that matter. Well i'm off to smoke, good luck.
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Default Re: would this be good space marine commander

Iron halo for powergamers...?

It's practical, yes, but it's so costly it's hardly powergaming. That idea is... Well, it's simply ludicrous. Besides, he wouldn't have it over the 'real' commander; he's the only guy there! (not to mention there's no reason why he wouldn't have it over a roughneck captain in his first year of command as compared to the centuries experienced psychic death machine)

Frag grenades are a cheap upgrade, and very much recommended, especially if you get him a jump pack and considering you have a familiar.

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Default Re: would this be good space marine commander

Nades are very handy if you're intending to assault anything fast (ie with a jump pack or being in a transport)...most people will hide in cover to try minimising the damage you can do with him.

I think artificer armour is unnecessary...and taking a combat shield is the cheapest and safest option for protection. Give him Terminator Armour and you get a 2+ save for free (Honours and Combat Shield costing the same price). It makes you slower, but if you're not taking a Bike, Jump Pack, non-Raider transport, Infiltrating Command Squad...then go for it

As for the Iron Halo, it's really up to you. I'd stay away from its blingy power altogether...and either use another Relic or none at all. If you're going to shell out for something that nasty, take a Mantle and keep yourself safe from power fists. Even so, that isn't all that amazing...and it's sometimes (mostly) not even useful at all (you'll either kill everything anyway or it'll be scary enough to kill you anyway).

My Librarian (Flesh Tearer) was similar enough, just with a bolt pistol instead of storm bolter and no melta bombs...but with a combat shield instead of the hefty artificer armour. He ran around in a Rhino to make up for there being no jump pack
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Default Re: would this be good space marine commander

You made a beautiful librarian. It really doesn't matter i guess. Too many people that is see who make lists pick a HQ and go OHHHH SHINY. Your HQ has to be productive.

In your case using a librarian you need to maximize damage by killing as much as possible as quick as possible. He's a beast with the proper psychic powers. A commander on the other hand you want to survive, don't throw away the constant 10 leadership yet maximize his abilities. A chaplin you wanna throw him out there in a sense. Make him maximize those re-rolls and fearless abilities....

What is your librarian going to do?
How is your librarian going to get into combat?
Who is going to escort your librarian?
Would a chaplin / commander work better than a librarian?

IMHO a cheap walking marine HQ is a commander
IMHO an expensive jump pack HQ is a chaplin or commander (dual claws)
IMHO an expensive drop pod terminator HQ is a Librarian.
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Default Re: would this be good space marine commander

I wouldn't give him MoH and VoT together...as someone else said, give him a shooty power and a combaty one...it's not as if you'll be able to use the two powers together, now is it? So you'll want a good combat power that works in both your turn and the enemy's. And you'll want a power that can reach out and touch someone when not locked in combat.

Dropping the stormbolter and bombs are also good bits of advice. It's true that the libby only needs to score one wound to fell the mightiest beast, but it's better to have an extra chance to land that killing blow than it is to have a couple of S4 shots the turn you charge. When you think about it, even against "normal" enemy models, the boltpistol is a better choice. You get one shot before charging, so you're only giving up one shooty attack, anyway. And then, the extra melee attackthat you get in exchange (and get every, not just the turn you charged), which will against most foes hit on the same die roll as the stormbolter shot that was given up, ignores armor saves, while the stormbolter shot is AP5...meltabombs on a 100+ point model are a dangerous way to deal with enemy tanks. I don't think that one takes much explanation of the risk/reward analysis!

Ugh...and don't get me started on termie honors on characters. You can't convince me that 99% of all marine librarians, captains, and chaplains don't have it already, fluffwise. That one should be built into their stats (and price), not sold as an add-on!
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