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[BatRep] Shattered Armor, 2000pts Ultramarines vs Thousand Sons
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Default [BatRep] Shattered Armor, 2000pts Ultramarines vs Thousand Sons

This battle I allied with another player who was using a borrowed Space Marines army that was ironically more Ultramarines. Devastator heavy Ive dubbed it the 9th Company. The same board was used as before and the lists are as follows:

Ultramarines 7th Company:
Master, pair of lightning claws, jump pack, terminator honors, iron halo, frags, melta bombs
Master of Sanctity, bolt pistol, jump pack, terminator honors, frags, melta bombs
Tactical Squad Tyriel (10)
-Sergeant with power fist and bp, melta gun, frags
Tactical Squad Oscelo (10)
-Sergeant with power weapon and bp, plasma gun, missil launcher
Assault Squad Herrion (5)
-Sergeant with power fist and plasma pistol, melta bombs, plasma pistol x2
Devastator Squad Romus (5)
-Lascannon, Missil Launcher

Ultramarines 9th Company
Master, terminator honors, power fist, lightning claw, iron halo, frags, melta bombs
Scout Squad (10)
-Sergeant with bp & ccw, sniper rifles x8, heavy bolter
Tactical Squad (10)
-Sergeant with power weapon and bp, plasma gun, missil launcher
Dreadnaught, venerable, multi melta, DCCW
-sergeant with power weapon and bp, lascannon x2, plasma cannon x2

Thousand Sons
Sorcerer Lord, 3 Thralls, bolt of change, power weapon, bolt pistol
Dreadnaught, lascannon, missil launcher
Dreadnaught, lascannon, missil launcher
Rubric Marines (10)
-Sorcerer, power fist, cc weapon, bolt of change
--rhino, combi bolter
Rubric Marines (10)
-Sorcerer, ccw, bolt of change
--rhino, combi bolter
Rubric Marines (10)
-Sorcerer, power fist, cc weapon, bolt of change
--rhino, combi bolter


Squad Oscelo and my Devs were in the same place as last time, Devs in a small crater to the left down the center strip, Oscelo in the trench. The Assault marines went on the right in the large building with the chappy and master tailing. The 9th Company's Devs went into the right building at the forward left edge. 9th Company tac squad went on the right edge of the left building. Sniper Scouts went into the left building. Squad Tyriel went in a crater to the forward and right of squad Oscelo with the 9th Company's master attatched. Dreadnaught went to the left.

Thousand Sons
Sorcerer went into the far right building with one power fist rubric squad and the cc weapon rubric squad. The other rubric squad went into their rhino behind the left building. On Dreadnaught went on the edge of each building.

A little fluff to start with:

"All squads prepare to engage!" Shouted Captain Thalion raising his power blades in challenge to the enemies coming towards them. From all around the opening shots let rip and men started to die. "For the EMPEROR!"

Well dug in this time the Ultramarines 7th and 9th Company's were prepared to meet their foe. The Thousand Sons sensing this dug into their own cover but it would not be enough. The Ultramarines would find them, and kill them. The traitors, the heretics, the mutant, sorcerous enemies of the Emperor would die once and for all.

Captain Thalion flared his jump pack and leapt into the sky heading for the Sorcerer leader of the chaos army. All around him the assault marines and Chaplain Claudius joined him. The battle was on.

Turn 1:

Thousand Sons
My opponent won the first turn and used it to kill one marine and the dreadnaught.

Now it was time to return fire and my ally seemed to counter my bad luck and both Thousand Sons Dreadnaughts died. Squad Tyriel raced from their cover to the next crater. The Assault marines and both the Chaplain and Commander marched forward to the edge of the building.

Turn 2:

Thousand Sons
The right rubric squad with the power fist moved to the edge of the terrain, their rhino stopped at the edge sideways and they bailed out the other side. The other rhino on the left raced forward and unloaded its own cargo into cover. The tzeentch horrors summoned with the left squad. The third rubric squad on the right marched infront of the defiler with the sorcerer joining them. Another couple of marines fell but not many.

Here is where things get interesting. The assault squad and commanders jumped out to the far end of the alley to the next building. Squad Tyriel moved towards them. The scouts kept moving forward and the rubrics took fire from all directions downing all but 4. The left tac squad of the 9th company marched forward and rapid fired killing more rubric marines. A number of horrors fell to the 9th company's devastators.

Turn 3:

Thousand Sons
The Defiler missed this time and disaster that could have wiped out the assault marines missed. The Greater Daemon was summoned with the forward left squad and it charged the scouts. The rubrics charged the 9th company's tactical squad as did the horrors. Several marines fell as did another rubric marine. The rubric marines on the right moved to the floor above their rhino.

The Assault Squad and Tactical Squad Tyriel moved forward and then charged. The scouts held against the greater daemon and the fight with the rubrics continued on the left. The Rubric squad charged were wiped out gloriously, Captain Thalion took out the sorcerer of the squad himself and sergeants Tyriel and Herrion acounted for as many as 6 of the Rubric marines aswell. The Assault marines consolidated into the next rubric squad and Squad Tyriel moved behind the enemy rhino not able to reach more combat.

This is where the Thousand Sons player gave up facing such an assault equipped with power fists and melta bombs. The rubric and horror assault had lost momentum on the left and the greater daemon was having trouble finishing off the scouts and was then facing more heavy weapons fire than it could handle. The battle was not over just yet but with time short the game was called.

Ultramarines Victory!

So the 7th Company fought, learned and fought again achieving victory and retribution in the end. The battle was fairly good the assault on the right had enough weight behind it to tear through the slower rubrics without taking a cassaulty. The sorcerer lord and defiler would have been tough to face but not impossible with so many armor punching equipment. I am pleased with how the day turned out. Questions and comments are always appreciated and to finish up some fluff.

Tearing through the Thousand Sons marines with the righteous fury of the Emperor Captain Thalion and the 9th Company's Captain with more than a dozen other marines swept into the Traitor Marines position destroying all in their wake. Captain Thalion saw nothing however save the form of the chaos lord behind his thralls gesturing strangely. Leaping forward on a jet of flame Vash lept to attack and his blades passed through nothing but air. A discharge of energy ripped before him and with its vanish the enemy had dissapeared aswell.

"Teleporters, they are fleeing!" Shouted the 9th Company Captain tearing his power fist from the wall where he had punched a chaos marine through it.

"Captain, their ship is heading for the nearest warp jump point," Chaplain Claudius said turning off the power field of his Crozius Arcanum.

"Can we pursue them and cripple their engines before they escape?" Asked Vash.

"Their ship is powered by strange sorceries and is too fast for our cruiser to catch. The 9th Company's ship is too damaged to follow, they have escaped," The Chaplain replied staring into the sky.

"Let us gather our fallen, we have achieved a victory here today and it is time to finish our Journey to Macragge. We are now short even more men." Captain Thalion said before turning to the 9th Companies Commander.

"I will finish up here and then report to Lord Macragge, with luck we shall meet again," The Captain said saluting Vash.

"Indeed Captain, I fare thee well."

Within four hours the Ultramarines 7th Company was headed back out to the system's edge and back to its journey to Macragge. They were wounded but they would recover and return to the ever continuing hunt for the Daemon, the Heretic and the Alien. Death to the foes of the Emperor!

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