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[BatRep] Undaunted Traitors, 1000pts Ultramarines vs Thousand Sons
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Default [BatRep] Undaunted Traitors, 1000pts Ultramarines vs Thousand Sons

This was my first battle at the new "local" hobby shop for me. Called Hobbies. Well there was a tournament going so I played the one opponent not involved, a thousand sons player. 1000pts on a city board with four large buildings, one dominating each corner. The center was a broad strip with some entrenchments and little islands of crater impacts. The lists were as follows:

Ultramarines 7th Company
Master, jump pack, pair of lightning claws, terminator honors, melta bombs, iron halo, frag grenades
Chaplain, jump pack, bolt pistol, terminator honors, melta bombs, frag grenades
Tactical Squad Tyriel (10)
-Sergeant with power fist and bolt pistol, melta gun, frags
Tactical Squad Oscelo (10)
-Sergeant with power weapon and bolt pistol, plasma gun, missil launcher
Assault Squad Herrion (10)
-Sergeant with power fist, plasma pistol, melta bombs, plasma pistols x2
Devastator Squad Romus (5)
-lascannon, missil launcher

Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons
Sorcerer Lord, 2 Thralls, bolt of change
Rubric Marines (10)
-Sorcerer with power fist, 2 thralls, bolt of change
--Rhino, combi bolter thingy
Rubric Marines (10)
-Sorcerer with cc weapon, bolt of change
--Rhino, combi bolter thingy
Tzeentch Horrors
Tzeentch Greater Daemon


Devs went in a crater to the left of a small trench in the center area. Tac squad Oscelo went in the trench. Assault Marines deployed in the building on the left with the chappy and commander. Tac squad Tyriel went in a crater to the right of squad Oscelo.

Both rubric squads went into their rhinos and were sat in the open right across from my lines.

Before the fight a little fluff first:

Warning klaxons sounded throughout the strike cruiser of the Ultramarine's 7th Company. All over the ship crewman and Space Marines rushed to their battle stations. Captain Vash Thalion raced to the launch bays. They had recieved a distress message from the 9th Company en route to Macragge. An incursion of Chaos Space Marines suspected to be of the Thousand Sons legion had attacked an outpost in the realm of the Ultramarines and the 9th needed help. The 7th would give it.

"Captain we are prepared for the drop, what are your orders?" Chaplain Claudius asked as Vash raced into the launch deck.

"I need a jump pack, deploy the squads save Herrion's via drop pod. The assault marines and we will deploy from high altitude via thunderhawk and meet up with the rest on the ground." Captain Thalion said as he and Claudius ran up the ramp of the Thunderhawk and strapped themselves in. "Lets go!"

Battle would be met, but the enemy would doubtless be ready.

Turn 1:
Assault marines jumped towards the rhinos and devs and squad oscelo fired. Despite 3 heavy weapons and the plasma neither rhino was destroyed just shaken.

Thousand Sons
Assault marines were killed to a man as both rubric squads rhinos moved forward and they came out. Chaplain took a wound from bolters.

Turn 2:
Several rubrics dropped from each squad and squad Tyriel charged the rhight rubric squad without a power fist. Commander and chaplain charged the other squad and killed 3 rubric marines but commander got a power fist to the face.

Thousand Sons
Horrors were summoned and joined the assault with squad Tyriel. Several more rubrics dropped to sergeant Tyriel's power fist but the squad would not last. Chaplain bit the dust after taking down another rubric marine.

Turn 3:
Neither rhino went down to either squad Oscelo or the Devs fire. Squad Tyriel kept fighting downing the rubrics to just two left but now it was just Tyriel and one other marine.

Thousand Sons
Greater Daemon finally arrived and killed squad Tyriel.

Turn 4:
Squad Oscelo dropped 2 wounds from the greater daemon with bolter fire. Squad Romus immobolized one rhino.

Thousand Sons
Greater Daemon charged the remaining tac squad and lost a wound but killed 2 marines and another 2 had fallen to shooting.

Turn 5:
Squad Oscelo kept fighting but did no wounds. More dropped.

Thousand Sons
Greater Daemon dropped Squad Oscelo to to just the sergeant but Oscelo ran from combat and escaped and the Devs blew the greater Daemon away.

Turn 6:
Oscelo kept his resolve and charged the horrors alone taking down one but falling in battle. The Devs took down 2 more rubric marines

Thousand Sons
The Devs went down to scores of fire.

Thousand Sons victory...

So I lost, but it was a glorious one the fight was good and I mauled my opponent before going down fighting to the last. Sergeant Oscelo's charge was very fun. I learned a lot about fighting thousand sons with marines. I have fougth them with Tau but not Marines and it was a harsh lesson but a good one. I had a rematch following this battle at 2000pts with another Ultramarine player as my ally and Ill post that report soon.

So mistakes of mine are as follows:

Charged a power fist with the commanders, bad idea.
Moved the Assault Marines out too soon.
Did not take full advantage of Sergeant Tyriel's power fist.
Horrible luck as usual.

Lets see if I can correct all of those in my next battle and kick some chaos rear. As always questions and comments are welcome.

That said this is a bland report so some fluff:

The fight had been fierce and the Thousand Sons had been relentless. Realing from their ill fated drop the Ultramarines fell back by squads through the streets losing men as they went. Suddenly a storm of heavy weapons opened up from the windows across the street. The Rubric marines chasing them melted under the plasma fire. Three squads of Devastators were dug in nearby. They had found the 9th Company.

"Captain it is good to see you," Announced the 9th Company's captain as me marched from the building. The marines fists were encased in massive gauntlets, the right shimmered in an energy field, a mighty power fist, the left showed itself as a lightning claw as its claws unsheathed.

"The enemy is right behind us, we must ready ourselves to meet them," Captain Thalion replied saluting his fellow. Now they would make the traitors pay.

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