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marines vs eldar
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Default marines vs eldar

this is a game against a friends space marines.
okay this shall be short. so a friend and i were bored so we just threw together all the minis we could find.

I had
1x farseer
5x fire dragons
9x howling banshees
6x warp spiders./including exarch.
5x dire avengers
7x guardians/1 warlock
18x guardians/1 warlock
12x defenders/platform with brightlance
10x guardians/warlock
2x dark reapers/+1 exarch/shurican cannon.
1x falcon/star cannon/ shurican cannon

he had at least

1x commander
1x librarian
1x dreadnuaght/lascannons/fist
vet squad/razorback/ lascannons
1x 5 terminators
1x 10 tactical squad
1x 7 tactical squad
8x assault marines
1x predator/lascannons/heavy bolter's on sides
1x land raider/heavy bolter/ lascannons.



We played on a small board 26" X 45"

I deployed my falcon in the left hand corner, with the fire dragnos in side. Then i put the squads of 18 and 12(the one with the bright lance) man guardian squads in a neat 4 collum line right of the falcon. the banshees were placed behind them. at least one more foot over i placed my reapers into a nice firing lane, on left and right side of them i placed the 7 man guardian squad, and the dire avengers. (to deal with the terminators). Another foot over i placed my 2nd 10 man guardian squad and my warp spiders behind them.

from left to right.
he placed his razor back with the vets in. Almost directly in front of my falcon. He placed next to the razor back his predator, dreadnaught, land raider, his 7 man squad, and tha assault marines. To the right he placed his last squad of 10 men and his commander behind a hill facing my guardians and warp spiders.



turn 1
I started off by moving my falcon behind a hill, in view of the assault marines.
next i moved the squad of 12 guardians and platform to were the falcon just was. Then I moved my guardians up next to the falcon, and the banshees behind them.
They were now in between two hills taking up all the space. My units on the far right moved the max and got in view of the marines hiding behind the hill.
I shot the bright lance at the razor back and missed. The falcon fired it's star cannon at the assault marines upon a hill killing 1. My guardians were all out of range by 2"!!! Thedark reapers fired upon the only unit they could see, the assault marines, killing 2. The warp spiders shot at the marine squad behind the hill, killing 2.

HE moved his razorback up and dreadnaught to the left behind the hill my falcon was behind. His land raider moved up, and sat down in front of the middle of my guardians. His assault marines reved up and got within striking distance. The predator moved and stopped behind the land raider. His 7 man marine squad moved alongside the land raider. On the far right he moved his squad out from behind the hill.
He shot with the razor back at the side of my exposed falcon, destroying it!!!!!
his assault squad fired and killed 3 guardians. The land raider killed 5. On the right side I got killed, he shot my warp spiders, and killed all of them!
his assault marines took on my guardians and un-believably killed enough to make the guardians retreat off the board!!!He only lost 1 marines in return.


My fire dragons were fine, and moved 2". My howling banshees moved into charge range. my reapers dire avengers, and guardians now lacking a target moved past the hill the land raider and CO were behind, and into sight of the 7 man marine squad. On the right the guardians moved into charge range.
my bright lance fired at the dread and hit but was unable to do any damage.
My fire dragins kicked D'yi and unloaded all of there shots at the razor back and melted it to the ground. His vet squad emerged un harmend. My banshees fired at the assault marines and managed to kill one marine. In the middle the dark reapers couldn't fire and there guards were out of range. On the far right my guardians fired and managed to down 2 marines.
my banshees and farseer assaulted and easily killed the assault marines. On the left my guardians and bright lance charged the vet squad. I managed to kill 1 vet but suffered severe ccasualties aka 8 dead guardians. The guardians retreated and were cut down. on the far right side i managed to kill 2 marines and suffered 2 in return. (a fair trade)


He moved his land raider and tried to run over my banshees but failed and ended up behind them. The predator moved up and looked down upon my banshees. The dread moved a few inches, and got within view of the fire dragons.
his Dread managed to kill 1 fire dragon, the vet squad landed no kills. My banshee squad was ripped apart my the combined fire of the two tanks. I had only a banshee and my farseer left. The marine squad fired at the dark reapers killing two.
on the left the fire dragons were killed by the vet squad. (he didn't even move his dread on!! what a show off!! ) The ssquadon the far right managed to kill 6!!



well things were looking bad.
i had no units to go after his tanks any more. So a last stand was in order.
i moved my 7 man guardian squad upon the hill(heroic!), and within range. The dire avengers moved out of cover and backed up against the hills edge. The lone exarch stayed where he was an lowered his weapon. The lone banshee and farseer, moved into charge range of the vet squad.
the dire avengers started off and managed to kill only 1!! The guardians were better and killed 2. The dark reaper Exarch killed 2.
the banshee and farseer charged killing 1 vet. And the guardians on the far right downed another 1 marine.

he moved his dread into charge range. He moved his land raider behind the hill on the oopposite side the avengers were. The pread followed.
his marines fired and killed 4 guardians.
the Farseer suffered a wound, and the banshee was ripped apart by the dreadnaught.
On the far right the guardians suffered 1 more death. They killed one in return(another fair trade)

I decided to end the game when his TERMINATORS and librarian sprung up behind the valiant dark reaper exarch, and CO.

well it could have gone better.
two main blows was when my warp spiders were killed, and when my guardians ran away after the assault on the marines, in the center. I wanted to use the warp spiders to go around and shoot apart the predator, and then go around shooting his small squads of troops. until his termies came down, then i would attack them.
The guardians were supposed to last enough, so i could bog down the left side of the board, so my dark reapers could kill something.
also I must remember too pray to the dice gods more! my roles were horrible
Dark reapers, I liked my body guard for them. Though my placement of them was bad. I set them up and gave them a perfect fire lane separatingthe right side of the board from the left, They were also in range and site of the assaultmarines. It was bad because I forgot the assault marines would move . After turn 1 I had to move and waste a turn, then let them get in the open.
The best two units of the game were
My 10 man guardian squad on the right who managed to hold there ground against the marines.
His award winning unit was his assualt marines who managed to galliantly get rid of a whole unit of guardians, and warlock!

I gave him 8 painted marines 3 useless jet bikes, and some termigants(for shooting practice.)

In return he gave me a hull of the old whirl wind(with a few peices of plasti card it's a rhino!), a guardian head, and 2 unpainted striking scorpians, with out arms.(I lost, who said awards had to be good?

Comments welcome.

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