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Space Wolves 13th Company
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Space Wolves 13th Company

I bought the eye of terror codex which has an army in that i think looks quite good, the space wolves 13th company, i am not sure weather to start getting some of them. Can anyone tell me what a good starter army for them would be?
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Default Re: Space Wolves 13th Company

Space Wolves aren't that great comperad to other armys in the eye of terror
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Default Re: Space Wolves 13th Company

get a rune priest, some wulfen and some normal marines, the space wolves are heavy on close combat, so if you want 13th compnay go for little fire power but heavy assualt
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Default Re: Space Wolves 13th Company

13th Company can be very powerful as long as you don't go far to overboard, but the EoT Codex is no longer tournament legal and even the Space Wolf Codex itself is out of print. There are more than a few rumours that state the 13th Company rules will be rolled into the new Space Wolf Codex sometime in December.

If your really set on doing 13th Company a decent army goes along the lines of a Wolf Priest leading a Pack of Wulfen, a couple packs of Grey Slayers are a good starting place backed up by some Fenresian Wolves which are good at soaking up damage and tying down opponents while the rest of your army reaches Combat. The Wolf Lord is a good early choice for a 13th Company army as with Mark of the Wulfen and a Frost Blade he can be quite a deadly beast in close combat.

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Default Re: Space Wolves 13th Company

ok, a list i had quite a bit of luck with, back in the day, built to 1500 points, had 2 packs of grey slayers (IIRC 8 strong each, pack leader with powerfist, one with 2 melta, one with 2 plasma), a wolf lord with MOTW, frost blade and bolt pistol and 8-man retinue with pack leader with MOTW, powerfist, and 2 powerfists on the troops, wolf priest, stock, and about 12 wolfen. additionally, 2 packs of long fangs, each 4 strong, one with 3 missile launchers, one with 3 heavy bolters

i'm going from memory, so in other words, the exact number in each pack could be wrong, but i think its about right. and it honestly seems to be a pretty balanced and effective combo, as far as 13th company can be
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