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Default traits

what should i use as my traits for a marine army
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Default Re: traits

that depends. do you want an assaulty marine army, a shooty marine army, a defensive or offensive, a minor, notable, or significant divergence, any specific units you like/dislike? are you planing to go hardcore effectiveness, or fluff? if fluff, what chapter are you using, or is it DIY? we need some of this info to help you.
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Default Re: traits

Originally Posted by dragoniccam
what should i use as my traits for a marine army
A rather abrupt question? :-\

Please you need to think how we will reply, we know nothing about you and non of us are psychic (Well with some exceptions?) :shifty:

What I/we need to know is:

1.) What Chapter do you play? Or are you a Vanilla player?

2.) What's your style of play? Assault? Shooting? Mobility?

3.) Which race do you encounter/play against alot?

4.) How many points do you want to play at?

Answer these questions and I'm sure many are willing to help.

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