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Important Topics and Links
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Default Important Topics and Links

[size=14pt]Important Topics and Links[/size]
[size=8pt]Updated 9th of June[/size]

The following is a collection of useful threads, common questions and links for your convenience to quickly learn or answer a question, rather than continually starting new threads on a subject, unless new material is to be presented. Please feel free to suggest largely useful threads or links, by sending a private message (PM) to Dutch, Spiritbw or Vash113.


General Information:

(Click here to Read) :: Space Marine A to Z :: [size=8pt]A comprehensive list of Space Marine terms[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Chapter Histories :: [size=8pt]A rundown of the history of the basic Chapters[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: The 1,000 Chapters :: [size=8pt]List of the 1000 Space Marine Chapters[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Battle Honors/Awards :: [size=8pt]Representation of seals and awards[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: The Bolter :: [size=8pt]The weapon of the Imperium[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Thesis on Vehicle Configurations :: [size=8pt]The various vehicles used by the Adeptus Astartes[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Armour of the Adeptus Astartes :: [size=8pt]The various armour suits worn by the Space Marines[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Founding the Chapter :: [size=8pt]The "Living History" method[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Deployment Doctrine of the Adeptus Astartes :: [size=8pt]The Combat Doctrines[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Tactics of the Adeptus Astartes :: [size=8pt]Guide on various battle tactics[/size][/td][/tr][/table]


Introduction Threads:

(Click here to Read) :: Battleforce :: [size=8pt]''Battleforces, which one is a better start?''[/size]


Space Marine Unit Threads:

(Click here to Read) :: Commanders :: [size=8pt]Efficient or Offencive Commander?[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Librarians :: [size=8pt]'Striking Fear' Librarian Tactica[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Techmarine Guide :: [size=8pt]How to use them effectively[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Razorbacks :: [size=8pt]An Analysis of the Razorback[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Terminators :: [size=8pt]''Terminators - What are they actually good for?''[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Weapons for the Dreadnought :: [size=8pt]A mathematical rundown of the various Dreadnought weapons[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Weapons for the Scout squad :: [size=8pt]Shotguns and Bolt Pistols - A breakdown[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Tactical squads and Scouts :: [size=8pt]What's an appropriate number of tactical marines/scouts?[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Tactical squads :: [size=8pt]Optimal squad sizes[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Army Construction Discussion :: [size=8pt]The Las/Plas Squad[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Powerfists :: [size=8pt]How to use them?[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Plasma or Melta? :: [size=8pt]Which do you use?[/size]



Space Marines versus...

(Click here to Read) :: ...Necrons :: [size=8pt]Guide to defeating Necrons[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: ...Eldar :: [size=8pt]Brothers! How do we defeat the foul witches?[/size][/td][/tr][/table]


Chapter Specific Threads:

(Click here to Read) :: Dark Angels Deathwing :: [size=8pt]Deathwing (all terminator army) can they be really good?[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Black Templars Tactica :: [size=8pt]Tactica about the Black Templars[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Crusader squads :: [size=8pt]Mathematical efficiency of the Crusader squad[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Painting Space Marines :: [size=8pt]Step by step guide to paint Howling Griffons[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Blood Ravens :: [size=8pt]A Comprehensive History[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Black Templars :: [size=8pt]A Tactica for the Templar and their Crusading Brethren[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Dark Angels Ravenwing :: [size=8pt]Play it Sam (Master of the Ravenwing tactica)[/size]


Specific Threads:

(Click here to Read) :: Death Watch Kill Team rules :: [size=8pt]Rules from GW for using Deathwatch Space Marines[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Deathwatch musings :: [size=8pt]How to use the Deathwatch Kill-Team[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Drop pods :: [size=8pt]''How do you build Drop Pods?''[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Drop pod classification :: [size=8pt]'Transport option' or not?[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Tactica hidden ordnance :: [size=8pt]How to take down enemy ordnance weapons[/size]



Games-Workshop Links:

(Click here to Read) :: Official FAQ's :: [size=8pt]Codex Errata[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Reference Sheet :: [size=8pt]Official Space Marines Reference Sheet[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Index Astartes Interactive Database :: [size=8pt]Database of the founding Chapters[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Heraldry of the Space Marines :: [size=8pt]Space Marine Chapter Gallery[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Founding 21 :: [size=8pt]The Cursed Founding Chapters[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Space Marine Daily Rituals:: [size=8pt]Daily regime of a battle brother during times of peace[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Rites of Initiation :: [size=8pt]The creation of a Space Marine[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Tactica Space Marine Tanks :: [size=8pt]Making the most of Space Marine armour[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Tactica Land Speeders :: [size=8pt]Tips for using Land Speeders[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Tactica Scouts :: [size=8pt]Guide on how to use Scout squads[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: To wield the Warp :: [size=8pt]Using Space Marine Librarians[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: The Truest Blade :: [size=8pt]Adeptus Custodes Heresy Army[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Blood Ravens fluff :: [size=8pt]From White Dwarf[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: General gaming Scenario's :: [size=8pt]Scenario's that any gamer could use[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Painting/modeling guides :: [size=8pt]A list of Space Marine painting/modeling guides[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Codex Blood Angels :: [size=8pt]The free and official Blood Angels Codex, available online.[/size]



Other Links:

(Click here to Read) :: WH 40K Galaxy :: [size=8pt]Map of the whole Galaxy[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Space Marine Chapters :: [size=8pt]List with a lot of Chapters[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: General Space Marine information :: [size=8pt]Wikipedia Space Marines[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Golden Demon winners :: [size=8pt]Unofficial site with all the GD winners[/size]



(Click here to Read) :: Space Marines Trivia thread :: [size=8pt]Chain-quiz thread[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Space Marines quiz #1 :: [size=8pt]Codex Space Marines[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Space Marines quiz #2 :: [size=8pt]The Space Marine[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Space Marines quiz #3 :: [size=8pt]Space Marine Vehicles[/size]

Battle reports:

You can find Space Marine battle reports here.

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This is by far not finished. When I will come across a nice thread, I will include it here.
You can also help by pointing me to a usefull thread, just simply send me a PM with the link.
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