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is 20 black templars viable?
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Default is 20 black templars viable?

is runing full crusader squads on foot with close combat weapons and bolt pistols tacticly viable?
i am thinking of making an army of black templars, with 2 or 3 landraider crusaders and 2 vindicators, a lot of armor. for everything not in tanks i was thinking that i would use those full squads on foot, mabee 2. i would put as many crusaders as i can into one landraider with the emperors champion, another with assault termies and the last with commander and sword bretherin.
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Default Re: is 20 black templars viable?

I use black templars, and i am using a squad with reclusiarch, 9 initiates and 5 neophytes. This squad kicks ass every game, they are fearless, have rightious zeal, a 6+ inv save (from the EC vow) and re-roll misses when they charge! I also upgraded on marine to have a powerfist and melta bombs to reclusiarch to deal with tanks.

The enemy normally shoots the hell out of it, but still manages to survive long enough to get into combat and kill enough points to make the massive crusader squad 'economically viable'.
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Default Re: is 20 black templars viable?

It really depends. They get shot up with shooty armies and have a big lack of mobility as well. But if the rest of your army can back them up, they are dangerous and very cool to see them walk up and smack some unit up close and personal like.

My unit :

9 Init
9 Neos
Reclusiarch with 3 cenobytes, so the first hit is on the neos.

Be sure to throw in some bolters for extra fire support in this unit, but remove them first.

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